'The land of poutine and moose awaits...'

We caught up with our Work Canada blogger Samantha who is heading over to Toronto to work at Blue Mountain resort on our Ultimate Package. She's been counting down to departure day for a while now and it's finally here. She's travelling over to Toronto on our popular Group Flights with stop-over in Iceland. Find out how she got on...

The countdown timer at zero, it is time to start the big journey to Canada, via a little stop-over to Iceland. One nice thing was knowing I wasn't going alone, I had booked on to BUNAC’s Group Flight and had spoken to most people via the exclusive Facebook group beforehand. The support from the group on Facebook beforehand was invaluable, we asked about accommodation, clothes and what we needed to take, as well as getting to know people a little… It made the first part of the journey far less scary. 

Arriving at the airport I spotted two people I had seen and spoken to on Facebook and instantly started chatting. Our group started out as three and grew to about 21, everyone chatting away and eager to start the adventure. After meeting with the BUNAC guide at the airport and sorting out all of our tickets and documents we were on the plane to Iceland. Our BUNAC guide at the airport said once we got to Iceland everything would be straight forward from catching the bus to getting to the hostel. Half of that was true, a small group had managed to get on the wrong bus at the airport, luckily we had a great bus driver and we got this sorted straight away. Hopefully there would be no more drama!

Canada Group Flight at the Blue Lagoon

BUNAC had planned for a trip to the blue lagoon the next day, which was spectacular. The 37 degree water was lovely to soak in while taking in the spectacular view. After a drink or two in the lagoon, this lead to a game where you could not have your drink below chin height, which was extremely difficult, especially with two drinks in your hand! We also organised a trip to see the northern lights and to learn more about the trolls and hidden people of Iceland that evening. Even though we didn't see the lights, it was still a fun night and prepared us for the minus temperatures in Canada! 

On our last day we got ready for the final leg of our journey. BUNAC had organised all of our transport so we didn’t have to worry and we boarded our flight without a hitch. The land of poutine, Tim Hortons and moose awaits! 

Did you miss Samantha's first blog? Read all about the lead-up to Samantha's Canada trip in the 'It's coming up Canada' blog. If you're ready to start your Work Canada adventure give us a call on 033 3999 7516.

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