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Gap Year Canada

With the majestic mountains of the West and vibrantly diverse cities of the East, it's not hard to see Canada's appeal. BUNAC has been sending young people on working holidays to this glorious country for over 30 years, and with step-by-step expert visa advice, webinars and even the opportunity have a preplaced job before you leave the UK, it's fair to say BUNAC is the helping hand you need to start your new life in Canada.

There are now no more IEC visas left for 2018. Already got yours? Great - the BUNAC Work Canada Ultimate Job Fair is on 11th and 12th August, 2018 in London. Come along and get hired for a job at a top ski resort on the spot when you sign up to Work Canada Ultimate!

Didn't get one this year? No worries - get ready for the 2019 release! Sign up to Work Canada all year round with a £75 deposit for the full lowdown on the IEC process, including how to get yourself in the visa pool and apply for an IEC visa in 2019. We can then help you get a seasonal job at outstanding resorts in Canada before you go or other jobs when you arrive.

Ultimate Package

BUNAC will help pre-arrange your job for you with our Ultimate programme. Choose from exciting destinations such as Whistler, Ontario and Alberta.

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Ultimate Job Fair

Two days where two huge Canadian ski resort employers fly across the pond to hire international staff for this winter 2018! Job Guaranteed!

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    Essentials Package

    BUNAC's Essentials package gives you access to our resource centres in Toronto and Vancouver so you can hit the ground running!

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    Get An IEC Visa

    Live and work in Canada for up to 24 months with the IEC Work Permit. This flexible visa allows you to get any job, anywhere in Canada!

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    Get Insurance

    Comprehensive cover, including activity and winter sports. Our flexible insurance policy can be extended from Canada.

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    Check out what previous BUNACers have to say about their trips, as well as their top tips and a day in their life in Canada

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    Video Reviews

    We follow Iona, Dan and GIllian on their working holiday journey throughout Canada

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    Group Flights

    Travelling alone? Meet travel buddies on our Group Flights to Vancouver and Toronto, including a 3-day stop-over in Iceland.

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    Can't wait to get your Canadian adventure started? Read our step by step guide of the booking process.

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    Intern Canada

    Interested in gaining some career related work experience in your industry of choice? Check out our Intern Canada programme. 

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