Work Canada

There's still a chance to get your 2017 IEC Canadian visa!

Make that Canadian dream a reality in 2017


Working in Canada

Work Canada is our fastest growing programme, and with the majestic mountains of the West and vibrantly diverse cities of the East, we know why. Work a winter ski season and hit the slopes or a hike the glorious landscapes in the summer season - whatever it is, get your Canadian adventure (and job support) with BUNAC. 

*IMPORTANT 2017 IEC WORKING HOLIDAY VISA UPDATE*: For British citizens, chances of getting a visa are extremely low. If you haven't got your visa yet it is unlikely you will get one this year. For Irish citizens, there are plenty of visa spaces are still available and chances of success are excellent. For all the latest updates on visa allocations and availability, check the official IEC website here.

Already have your IEC visa? Sign up to Work Canada and book onto our first ever Work Canada Ultimate Jobs Fair August 2017. It's gonna be BIG. 

For everything else, get the full low-down with our FAQs.