Top Things to do and See in Boston

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With summer drawing to a close, you may want to spend time in Massachusetts, home to the cultural metropolis and politically historical city of Boston! Named after the English town of the same name, Boston is a hub of sport, culture, food and all round good times. If you don’t stay for the accent, stay for everything else! We’ve curated a list from the BUNAC team who, over the years, have frequented Boston on numerous occasions. Word on the street has it that one particular member of the BUNAC team is even a Harvard graduate! Those who attended the Summer Camp USA orientation days are free to guess which one…

Follow the Red Brick Road

Now, first on the agenda are the visuals. This city has some incredible architecture. The old very much meets the new in Boston; think of a hip grandma in a sea of millennials. The highlights for experiencing the sights and sounds of this city include:

  • The Skywalk observatory which gives 360 degree views from 700 feet high! Not for the faint-hearted. 
  • Parts of the city act as a map in the form of a red brick road, more commonly known as The Freedom Trail. It takes you to all the historic landmarks and is pretty darn ingenious. History AND walking!? Oh yes, look no further. 
  • Have you really been to Boston if you didn’t see The Red Sox play? Debatable. Book tickets for Fenway Park, go on a tour of the stadium and catch a game if you’re here in season.
  • Finding the Mapperium; a glass globe of earth from the 1930s with amazing sound acoustics.
  • Looking out for parades and open cinemas - Boston loves a public event. To see what’s happening when you’re in town, check out ‘The Boston calendar’ for all the events!

Cheers to the Weekend

The luck of the Irish is always present in Boston, and for those aged 21 and above, there are multiple famous bars that may be of interest. Anybody familiar with the show ‘Cheers’ will know that the original bar resides in Boston. The real Cheers bar isn’t in the centre of town, it’s on Beacon Street and is definitely worth a visit. Another establishment for those over 21 is The Green Dragon Tavern. It’s the place in which the American forefathers actually plotted the revolution!  History AND Drinks? Boston, you’ve done it again.

Book tickets, go on a food tour and feast in foodie heaven at Boston’s food trucks! Many people ask what the best Bostonian food is or the best eats in Quincy Market. With 18 restaurants and 35 stalls of all different cuisines, you will surely find something you’ll love at this market. Most people enjoy a combo of ‘Clawsome’ lobster rolls and clam chowder, followed by a Boston cream pie - the official dessert of Massachusetts. Our friends at TrekAmerica have also recommended that before you leave Boston you must you try the local taste sensation ‘Daddy's Dough’, a fried dough delicacy with a range of yummy toppings.

Waking up on the Harbour

We’ve mentioned the old meeting the new when it comes to Boston, and this is certainly reflected in the diversity of places you can rest your head. Why not stay in downtown Boston aboard the Liberty Fleet of Tall Ships? Believe it or not, you could be waking up on the water for as little as £45 per night on this floating hostel. Prefer to keep your feet on solid ground? A stay at The Hostel International is pretty affordable and is just steps away from all the top things to see and do in the city. As with all major US cities, check out hostels, hotels, and also Airbnbs – all favourites with past BUNACers.

As always, this is just a snippet of the much more expansive and historical filled city that is Boston. Talking to the locals will always provide you with a hidden insight into the authentic Boston experience you’ll be telling your friends about for months.

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