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Your Summer Camp USA Adventure

We've been making American dreams come true since 1962. Our Summer Camp USA programme is your ticket to an unforgettable summer, giving you awesome memories and friends that will last a lifetime. Did we mention we are the cheapest flights-included option in the UK? Plus we're so confident we can find you a great job at Summer Camp USA that if we don't we'll give you your money back. Roll up your sleeves and apply to Summer Camp USA today! 

Get to Summer Camp USA in 2019

Start planning your summer today and put yourself in the best possible chance of having the most awesome adventure Stateside.

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Jobs at camp

Whether you specialise in a particular sport or activity or are more of an all-rounder, we have the perfect Summer Camp job for you. We promise you a guaranteed placement, or your money back.

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Camp Hiring Fairs

#GetHIRED at one of our famous Camp Fairs! In 2019 we're coming to a city near you - check for the closest one to you.

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    Gap Year Goals

    Sometimes you just need that year. Or those few months. Our Gap Year programmes are the ultimate opportunity to experience totally different cultures, develop skills for future employment and make unforgettable memories. We stretch to every corner of the world and our opportunities are on hand to offer you the most perfect Gap Year experience.

    Work Australia

    It's time to start your ultimate Aussie adventure. The land of sun, sea, surf and the highest minimum wage in the world is calling your name!

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    Internship USA

    Grab a bite of the Big Apple and stand out from the crowd! Placements on our Internship USA are diverse and are sure to wow future employers.

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    Big 5 Wildlife Conservation

    Are you ready to get stuck in and help South Africa’s Big 5? This project is dedicated to conserving these amazing animals including lions, rhino, elephants, leopards, buffalo and other native wildlife.

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      It's Time to Work Abroad

      It's time to catch a flight and turn those pounds into dollars or yen on our Work Abroad programmes. We've got incredible jobs in some of the world's most amazing countries - what are you waiting for? Make your mates jealous and start your next adventure.

      Work Canada

      Canada is so much more than its amazing scnery and diverse cities. Whether you're a city slicker destined for the hustle and bustle or calling out for the slopes on a ski season, we have the perfect job for you.

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      Work Japan

      A working adventure in Japan will take your life to the fast lane, with or without a trip on a bullet train. Watch yourself bloom here in cities like Tokyo or Niseko - choose from the bright lights or the powdery slopes.

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      Work New Zealand

      One experience to rule them all. Call NZ home and live your best kiwi life in one of the most incredible countries on earth. Start planning your outdoor activities, then come to us for job support.

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        BUNAC are experts in work abroad programmes and has extensive experience in offering working adventures around the World to UK and Irish customers since 1962.

        If you are looking for the best All-American summer of your life, then our Summer Camp in America programme is perfect for you and offers you the chance to learn all important CV-enhancing transferable skills, while having the time of your life in an awesome country!

        BUNAC also offers Work Abroad programmes in some of the World's most sought-after destinations, including: America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. In addition to these, we have also recently launched our exciting Work Japan programme, which offers you the opportunity to spend time living and working in one of the most exciting destinations on Earth, while improving both your professional and personal skills.

        If you are interested in volunteering, then we can offer you a range of ethical opportnities Volunteer work overseas in wildlife conservation projects, marine conservation and many more! If you are already in employment but are looking to take a sabbatical. then we have a range of career break programmes that would be perfect for you. Or if you're looking to enhance your employability and boost your CV we offer many intern abroad options, including finding you a tailor made internship to fit your career goals.

        Start planning your working adventure with BUNAC today! 

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