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Get Inspired With BUNAC

At BUNAC we've been enabling life changing working adventures worldwide since 1962. Whether it's a two year working holiday, a six month internship abroad or a six week volunteer expedition, there's no country too far or duration too short for us to help you live out your travel dreams. It's a wondrous world out there. Go and explore it.

The IEC Canadian working holiday visas are open for 2018!

If Canada has stolen your heart, you gotta act quickly! The IEC Canadian visa, which allows British and Irish citizens to work and travel around Canada for up to 24 months, is open. Start your Work Canada application NOW with a £75 deposit and get access to our step by step visa guidelines and a top ski resort job before you go!  

Reach for the stars (and stripes) on Summer Camp USA!

Summer Camp USA will be the best summer of your life, and that's a fact. Work at an All-American summer camp as an Activity Instructor or General Counsellor and make an impact to children's lives everyday. It's non-stop fun, tie-dye-tastic and you'll make friends for life. Start your application now with a £39 deposit and secure your place at our January Camp Recruitment Fairs in London and Edinburgh!


With thousands of new graduates desperate to dive into a great job, you need experience that will make your employer stop, drop and smile at your CV (in a good way). Thankfully, we've got it right here. Be inspired and gain qualifications with our TEFL China programme. Get a professional internship in Australia or New Zealand for 1-6 months, or in the USA for 1-12 months. We'll assist you with getting your visa, all you need to do is choose your industry. 


You may only be one person in a world of 7.4 billion others, but you should never underestimate the difference you can make to the world. Have you ever considered teaching in the summits of the Indian Himalayas? What about helping with wildlife conservation in South Africa's Kruger National Park region? Our volunteering opportunities will open your eyes.