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Have a wander down under

How many times have you looked out the window and seen the rain hammering down? Too many to count. Meanwhile across the globe, sweet summer is on its way in 'Straya, and beach life is in full swing. The time is now to book onto our Essentials, Starter or Ultimate fun Work Australia programme and work and travel your way around Australia for up to two years! Get all aboard the BUNAC January group flight and we'll get you there with a three day stop-over in Hong Kong and strong #squadgoals before you even touch down. Psst: there's only limited seats available. You ready?  

Summer Camp USA

It's the undisputed happiest place on Earth. It's where lifelong friendships are made, camp songs are roared and luscious lakes are jumped into from dawn until dusk. Apply now to Summer Camp USA and your application will circulate to hundreds of lovely American camps all over the country. Check out our new interview dates all around the UK and Ireland and come to one of our January Camp Fairs, where you can meet Camp Directors and get hired on the spot. If that's not all, we're also the cheapest summer camp programme in the UK. Yes, seriously. 


If you want to work in Canada in 2017, sign up now in advance of Canadian visa applications opening in NOVEMBER. Get the guide on how to conquer the complex visa process and get your own Canadian working holiday visa with BUNAC on our Work Canada programme. Head to the snowy mountains on our Ultimate package where we'll help you secure a job and accommodation before you land. Combine that with a pretty fly group flight option and you'll have BFFL to share your Canadian adventure with from the get-go. Sign up to the programme now with a £50 deposit - as the Canadians say, it's not a bad deal eh?