9 things you only know after you've been a Summer Camp Counsellor

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1. How to make fun out of pretty much anything
You’ll often find yourself in the situation where you have to entertain a group of kids with nothing more than a ball of string, three paper cups and a rubber band.  You’ll probably even surprise yourself at what activity you can conjure up. 
2.     How to be a waiter or waitress’s best friend
During your summer at camp, stacking the plates after you and your fellow campers' meals becomes second nature. So much so that it never leaves you: whether you’re having a family meal or out on a first date, you’ll feel the need to make it as easy as possible for the waiter or waitress to clear. 
3.     There’s no tan like a summer camp tan
To say the weather is ‘cracking the flags’ during an American summer is an understatement. Whether you’re based in Connecticut, California or anywhere in between, spending all that time outdoors will result in one thing:  a truly tremendous tan. 
4.     How to put your finger on a map of the world and know someone from there who you met at camp
Summer camp counsellors come from far and wide and you’ll get to meet people from all walks of life. Not only will you make precious friends and lifelong memories, but you’ll end up racking up places to stay all around the globe for your future travels.
5.     What to save in a fire
Forget Whiskers the cat or those family heirlooms, your summer camp apparel will easily be the first thing you save when the house goes up in flames. You probably won’t be able to close your wardrobe for summer camp t-shirts and you’ll never be able to part with them, or all the memories they hold.
6.     Life without social media and connection to the outside world ain’t that bad
At camp you’ll be far too occupied to worry about having your head buried in social media. You’ll give your mind a well-deserved rest from connection to the outside world until the point where you (dare we say…) forget Facebook or Instagram even existed.
7.     If you didn’t learn how to make a fire at camp, something went wrong
Some of the best times you’ll have will be sitting around a camp fire, singing songs and toasting marshmallows under a tapestry of stars in the great American countryside. 
8.     When you're not at camp, you can’t stop reminiscing about camp or planning for the next one 
Summer camp does have addictive qualities and you’ll struggle to adapt to life without it. If you’re not busy thinking about sleeping under the stars or Taco Tuesdays, you’ll be fully occupied ensuring you get your fix of camp next summer. 
9.  How it’s possible to miss the sound of crying children
The children will cry, whether it’s because there’s not enough milk in the cereal or they suddenly decide they’re homesick at two in the morning. It may be tough at the time but you will be the person to dry their tears and make them feel better, and you can’t replace that feeling. 
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