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With over 10,000 camps that employ 300,000 staff (59% of them international!) your all-American dream is right here at your fingertips. Picture yourself doing one of the below and browse the interview dates for one that suits you!

General Camp Counsellor

Hello you enthusiastic all-around leadership star! Yes, we’re talking to you. Welcome to the General Camp Counsellor role where you’ll live and breathe the authentic summer camp experience, working with groups of children aged 6-16.  From wake-ups to meal times, escorting campers to sailing lessons and camp-wide bonfires – your job is to make the day-to-day summer camp life tick along without a hitch. It’s the little things that count so the more smiles, laughs and tuckered-out kids at the end of the day, the better! Plus, American children are hilarious so you’ll be just as entertained as the campers (if not more so!) from sun-up to sundown.

Activity specialist 

Swap your indoor office for the great outdoors. From sports, swimming and high-ropes to horse-riding, crafts or even magic and performance – wherever your passions lie, there’s a camp that’s looking for your skills! We know you’ve fancied being the next Samuel L. Jackson in Coach Carter (a more smiley and fun version) so now is your time to pass the bar on to the next generation! 

Regional Summer Camp USA interviews

Our next Summer Camp USA interview dates are below! To book your place call us on 0333 999 7516.  Can't find a date in your city? Not to worry, get in touch with us to arrange an alternative interview time at your convenience. 

October 2017

Sat 28th: Birmingham (STA Travel Birmingham High St)

Sun 29th: Cardiff (STA Travel Cardiff)

November 2017

Sat 4th: Edinburgh (STA Travel Edinburgh Forrest Road)

Sun 5th: London (STA Travel London Victoria), Liverpool (STA Travel Liverpool), Newcastle (STA Travel Newcastle)

Sat 11th: Belfast (STA Travel Belfast Botanic Ave), Leeds (STA Travel Leeds Vicar Lane)

Sun 12th: Manchester (STA Travel Manchester Deansgate), Dublin (Starbucks, 30-34 Westmoreland St)

Wed 15th: London (STA Travel London Victoria)

Sun 19th: Manchester (STA Travel Manchester Deansgate)

Sun 26th: London (STA Travel London Victoria)

December 2017

Sun 3rd: Birmingham (STA Travel Birmingham High St), Bristol (STA Travel Bristol), London (STA Travel London Victoria), Edinburgh (STA Travel Edinburgh Forrest Road)

Sat 9th: Exeter (STA Travel Exeter)

Sun 10th: Cardiff (STA Travel Cardiff), Leeds (STA Travel Leeds Vicar Lane), Newcastle (STA Travel Newcastle), Nottingham (STA Travel Nottingham)