IEC Canada Visa

Work Canada 2018 is open. Register today to kickstart your Canadian adventure!

Make that Canadian dream a reality in 2018


Work Canada 2018 is open! Register now with a £75 deposit for the full lowdown on the IEC process and get prepared for the 2018 pools opening up later this year! Our next Stage 1 Webinar is scheduled for October 26th 2017 at 18:00. For all the latest updates on visa allocations and availability for the 2018 season, check the official IEC website.

The IEC Work Permit is perfect for working and traveling your way around Canada for up to 24 months and BUNAC has the perfect package to go with it! You can apply for your IEC visa through the Canadian High commission, and with over 25 years of experience in helping UK and Irish working holiday makers heading over to Canada, BUNAC can guide you through the IEC process to make it as simple as possible, through our online webinars, handy guides and expert staff...

How can BUNAC help?

Once booked onto the programme, you will gain access to:

  • Advice on your visa application, including access to our Work Canada Facebook group, online webinars, step-by-step guidelines and email and text message alerts throughout the IEC season.
  • Our Group Flight option with a stop over in Iceland
  • Programme options - Essentials and Ultimate Packages where we can assist you with prearranging your Canadian job before you depart!
  • Information on IEC suitable 24 month work abroad insurance
  • An insight into the comprehensive support you will receive in Canada

If you already have a visa, then take advantage of our support package!

Online Work Canada webinar

In order to access our Work Canada online webinar you first must pay your £75 deposit to the Work Canada programme. Give us a call on 033 3999 7516 to kick-start your Canada adventure.

Are you eligible for an IEC Work Permit? 

Canadian Working Holiday Visa

The Canadian IEC visa allows British and Irish citizens the chance to live and work in Canada for up to 2 years working in a job of their choice. Visas are released to the public once a year by the Canadian Government and it is a one time only visa. Visa season can vary year on year but the release can usually be expected any time between the October calendar year and May. 

British Citizens

  • Receive an allocation of 5,000 visas each year

  • The 2018 pool is due to open this Autumn

  • Visa cost: $250 CAD

  • Support funds needed: $2,500 CAD

  • Must be 18 – 30 years of age to be eligible 

Irish Citizens

  • Receive an allocation of 7,700 visas

  • The 2018 pool is due to open this Autumn

  • Cost: $250 CAD

  • Support funds needed: $2,500 CAD

  • Must be 18-35 to be eligible 

BUNAC Support

BUNAC's Work Canada support programme opens in Autumn of every year to fully prepare participants for the imminent visa release date. BUNAC are the experts with all things Canada, and with over 25 years of experience with organising British and Irish applicants working holidays, we're on hand to guide you through the IEC visa application process to ensure you are on the right track to obtaining an IEC visa for 2017. We offer you all the necessary support to give yourself the best possible chance of receiving a visa but more importantly we offer a fantastic support package ready for your Working Holiday in Canada. Whether you need basic support and set up when you arrive or you’re looking for a job before you even land BUNAC are here to help! 

Visa information is subject to change. Please check the Canadian High Commission IEC pages for more information. If you have any questions please call us on 033 3999 7516