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Working Holiday Visa Canada

To work in Canada you need a work permit from ‘International Experience Canada’ (the IEC) who are the immigration and citizenship department of the Canadian Government. A limited amount of visas are available each year so it’s important to apply as soon as possible for your best chance of being allocated a work permit.

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Didn't get one this year? No worries - get ready for the 2019 release! Sign up to Work Canada all year round with a £75 deposit for the full lowdown on the IEC process, including how to get yourself in the visa pool and apply for an IEC visa in 2019. We can then help you get a seasonal job at outstanding resorts in Canada before you go or other jobs when you arrive.


British Irish
How long does the visa last? Up to 24 months
How old must I be? 18 - 30 inclusive 18 - 35 inclusive
How many times can I get the visa? Once in your lifetime
How much does the visa cost? $250 CA
How much do I need to have available in my bank account as support funds? $2,500 CA
How many visas are allocated to each country? 5,000 7,700

If you hold an American passport, please check out our American website for visa information. If  you hold a passport of another nationality, please head to the International Experience Canada website to check your eligibility.

How can BUNAC help?

BUNAC are the experts with all things Canada, and with over 30 years of experience with helping young people to work in Canada, we will guide you through the visa process to make it as simple as possible.  The following visa support is included as part of both the Essentials and Ultimate programmes: 

  • Step-by-step visa guidelines on your personal BUNAC online account, allowing you to submit your visa application correctly, the first time

  • Access to regular webinars, giving you updates, information and tips about the visa process & working in Canada

  • Access to an exclusive Work Canada Facebook group, allowing you to meet like-minded travellers before you depart.  

  • Email and text message alerts throughout the IEC season, alerting you to what you need to do next

  • Already got your visa? Great! BUNAC can help you land a seasonal job at outstanding resorts in Canada before you go, other other jobs when you arrive

Please note that the IEC visa application is made directly through the Canadian High Commission. Take a look at the other pre-departure and in-country inclusions on the Essentials and Ultimate programmes.   

Common Questions

What is the IEC?

International Experience Canada (the IEC) are the immigration and citizenship department of the Canadian Government. They are responsible for issuing the Work Permit which allows you to work in Canada.

When should I apply?

The annual opening date of the IEC visa pool can vary year on year but the opening can usually be expected any time between October and April. We recommend that you sign up to BUNAC's Work Canada programme as soon as it opens each autumn, so that you are fully prepared for the release date. 

What does ‘entering the pool’ mean?!

In order to be in with a chance of obtaining an IEC visa, you must submit your application to a pool of candidates looking to do the same. The IEC then choose candidates at random to accept an 'Invitation to Apply' for the visa and to submit a full application within a specified timeframe. Don't worry too much about the process - we will talk you through the process step-by-step once you are on the Work Canada programme. 

Can I apply for an IEC visa with an Isle of Man passport?

Unfortunately for the 2018 season, Isle of Man passport holders are not eligible to apply for an IEC visa.

Visa information is subject to change. For all the latest updates on visa allocations and availability for the 2018 season, check the IEC website. If you have any questions, then we'd love to chat to you on 0333 999 7516 or you can request a callback.

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