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What is Summer Camp?

With over 10,000 summer camps in the USA, there's a huge variety of different types of camps you could work at. Take a look through and open your mind to the possibilities. Check out the video below - Summer Camp USA Interviewer Richard went from a roller hockey specialist to an Assistant Director at his camp so there's something for everyone!

Different types of Summer Camp

Private Camps

Independently owned, these camps attract children from middle to high income families and are usually nestled in picturesque, rustic areas with cabins for counsellors and campers alike.

Many private camps are based near the waterfront and are highly activity-orientated. Therefore they’re recruiting for a wide range of activity specialists from water sports to rock climbing and beyond!

Religious Camps

As you may have guessed, these are faith-based camps operating as a traditional summer camp in every way, just with an added religious element. While some religious camps require their staff to have a Christian or Jewish background, many are just seeking applicants with enthusiasm, previous leadership experience and an open mind.


Non-Profit camps are one of the most rewarding camp settings to be a part of as the aim is not to make profit, but to allow children to be children. Many Non-Profit camps rely on donations and fundraising  to operate and often aim to help enrich the lives of campers coming from various socio-economic upbringings.  

Much like the Private Camps, these Non-Profit camps are located in beautiful natural settings around the USA, with rustic accommodation, amenities and no shortage of fun!

This could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many of the children, so be a part of the memories they will cherish forever!

Girl Scout 

Girl Scout camps are - you guessed it - camps specifically for girls, focusing on connecting with nature through outdoor living, skill development and activities. Hiking, swimming in the lake and craft-making, there’s no shortage of ways to connect back to nature. Many of these camps are made up of canvas tent-style accommodation that usually house up to 8 people per tent – a true ‘back to basics’ experience!

Cue the campfire sing-alongs and toasted marshmallows, you’re on your way to activity heaven!

Special Needs

For a truly rewarding experience, nothing beats Special Needs camps in the USA. These camps cater for children with a range of different learning difficulties, mental and physical disabilities. Due to the level of care and attention needed for some of the campers, group sizes are much smaller – allowing you to bond and devote your time to each. 

Even if you haven’t previously worked with children with special needs, these camps are more than happy to recruit any candidates with the right personality. Summer camp is a world every child should experience, regardless of mental and physical abilities - be the one to help bring it to life for them!

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