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Arts & Crafts

Your role as an instructor will be to develop and enhance children’s confidence, skill and proficiency over the summer. The children may be absolute beginners or have a lot of experience, so a broad knowledge and plenty of patience are important. Your responsibilities may also include the maintenance and upkeep of the camp’s equipment.

  • Ceramics - Must know how to operate a kiln
  • Model Making
  • Woodworking
  • Stained Glass
  • Steel working
  • Metal works
  • Photography - Must know how to operate a darkroom

What experience or qualifications are camps looking for?

Camps are looking for:

  • Ceramics and pottery enthusiasts, who have experience teaching children and proficient in operating a wheel and kiln and understand the safety precautions applied to these tools
  • Young people who have an interest in leather craft and familiar with different leather colouring and shaping techniques
  • Metalworkers who understand the safety procedures for this craft along with an understanding of different metalwork tecniques from soldering to engraving and working with different types of metals
  • Model enthusiasts with a creative flare who can teach children fun models with all different types of resources
  • Silversmiths who can cut, solder and finish silver and have experience using different equipment from needle files, to ball-peen hammers and solders
  • Arts and Craft Instructors who have experience teaching children a number of different art and crafts activities.

Arts & crafts staff are expected to be:

  • Patient and confident teaching kids
  • Hard-working
  • Fun and enthusiastic
  • Ability to balance the fundamentals of teaching and skills and safety

Stand out from the crowd

Camps are looking for staff members who have worked in a similar role and/or have great personal experience of arts and crafts. Therefore, previous experience working with children in a supervisory role is essential for a strong application.

Extracurricular qualifications in arts & crafts aren't always easily accessible. However, if you have any art qualifications (GCSEs, A-Levels etc) these should stand you in good stead with your summer camp application.

Voluntary work
Volunteering work in after school art clubs or helping out at Scouts or Girl Guide groups in your local area will demonstrate your ability to teach and work with children.

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