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Volunteer Borneo is now closed for 2016.

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From volcanoes to the Philippines your accommodation will vary. Hand picked to bring you the ultimate Ecuador experience through local living, your accommodation not only promotes sustainable travel but it also let’s you see the real country, it’s way of life through real people living it. 

Learn about people and learn about cultures by living with local families, in and amongst the community and with your fellow volunteers. By sharing stories and creating memories, this quickly becomes an underestimated part of your journey and by bringing you the rawness of what life is really like in this environment you see for yourself how important your efforts really are. 

Types of accommodation:

  • Dorm style rooms in Tawau National Park

  • long house / homestay in Sarawak

  • Private accommodation in Gunung Mulu National Park

  • Hammocks and tents in the jungle

  • Rungus tribal village longhouse

  • Stop with a local village in Bulsan

  • Local family homestay in Ticao