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We have four different teams departing for Borneo and the Philippines each year: January, April, July and September. Typically programmes are ten weeks long, taking in all the sights and experiences. The exception to this is the July departure date, which is a six-week programme and aims to pack as much into that shorter period as possible. To visit the Philippines phase, you'll need to book onto a 10 week project.

Week 1- 4 - Borneo

Phase 1 - Tawau (Pygmy Elephants & Teaching) 
Your first stop will be at Tawau Hills National Park where you will spend a couple of days acclimatising, whilst heading out on safari to find the pygmy elephants deep in the forest and helping the park with their reforestation project which aims to create a new forest corridor for wildlife.

Next up is a fantastic community phase at the Plantation Village School, run by Borneo Child Aid (BCA). This NGO was set up 10 years ago to provide education to the thousands of children born inside the palm oil plantations who are not entitled to state education – it's an inspirational story of what can be achieved with few resources.
Here you’ll have the chance to assist the teaching community with everyday work within the school as well as helping improve the infrastructure around and within it. There will be opportunities to assist with the cooking and to teach English to the preschool kids.

Phase 2 - Kinabatangan Safari (Community & Reforestation)

After your heart-warming time with BCA, you’ll make a 4-hour road trip across East Sabah to the Tanjung Bulat Jungle Camp, on the banks of the longest river in Malaysia, the Kinabatangan.
Here you’ll get involved with the Rainforest Carbon Offset Project. On the first day you’ll learn what the project is all about, visit the site and then head out on an afternoon wildlife river cruise – an opportunity to spot much of Borneo’s famous wildlife.
The next morning the tree planting will begin - planting up tropical seedlings around the camp as well as along the river forest in degraded areas over the next 6 days. In order to plant the trees you will also help with the removal of the rattan which is crowding the habitat for the seedlings. This is a hot and sweaty project but extremely worthwhile.
During your stay you will visit the nearby villages in the Bukit Garam area engaging the students at the school with games and traditional activities and in the evening enjoying home cooked dinner with them.
Each day will have a wildlife safari by boat or foot looking for Borneo’s elusive wildlife.

Phase 3 - Sepilok Orangutan Centre & Rainforest Camp and Trek
Next up, the world famous orangutan rehabilitation centre where you’ll have time to visit the orangutans at feeding time, before nipping off for a jungle river safari at Kinabatangan. Now it’s time to head west to the Lupa Masa Jungle Camp, near Poring Hot Springs. Here you will spend 2 nights learning forest survival skills before heading off on a 3-day jungle trek, sleeping in different camps every night. Lupa Masa is just metres away from Mount Kinabalu National Park, and hosts incredible bio-diversity, so look out for the western tarsier, slow loris, flying colugo, squirrels and countless birds and insects. 

Phase 4 - Kudat Rungus Village Beach Project & Kota Kinabalu
Kudat, the new ‘must see’ place in Sabah, with untouched beaches and perfect snorkeling waters. Here you will learn how to make traditional handicrafts and jewellery and help with the beach clean-ups, educating the villagers about litter disposal. You can also go fishing, hike up hills and experience some exceptional marine bioluminescence, all topped off with beach barbecues. The last phase of your Borneo stay is to sample the bright lights and buzz of Kota Kinabalu. Seize the opportunity to explore the area: climb Kinabalu or do a PADI course before venturing further to the Philippines. 

Weeks 5 - 8 - The Philippines 

Phase 5 (8 week project only)  - Bulusan
You’ll fly into Legazpi City, via the capital of Manila, to reach the small town of Bulusan, dominated by its sleeping volcano. Here you’ll live with local families amongst virgin rainforest to help NGO’s with reforestation and development projects. Now it’s time to climb Bulusan itself. It’s great physical challenge, but you’ll be assisted with the help of local guides to help transport everything you need – food, camping equipment etc. for a 3 day and 2 night adventure snaking through the rainforest to reach the lunar landscape at the top. (Dependent on the Volcano's activity).

Phase 6 – Ticao island 
Your projects on the island include helping the fishermen in their day-to-day activities, assisting with the ongoing projects of the school (for example making tables and chairs, paving the walkway, painting the school building, cleaning the grounds, etc), and  helping with ongoing training activities for the community-based tourism projects.

Phase 7 - Sorsogon, Cultural Development

Sorsogon City is the capital of the Sorsogon Province, which includes Bulusan. The Sorsogon Province is relatively large and diverse and the two areas make for a very different experience. The local government are keen for Leapers to help with their ongoing development projects with the Sorsogon Provincial Tourism Office.

Your projects will vary depending on what the local government needs doing at the time, but they will be based around their assessment of potential tourism destinations and the revival of museums and cultural/heritage centers.

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