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Our very own BUNACer Becka recently got back from an amazing experience overseeing our TEFL internships in Thailand! After catching up with her she was excited to share her experience with you all! Be inspired by her story and start your own adventure today...

Day 1:

I arrived at the airport in Bangkok at 5pm, still hitting the high 30s temperature-wise but I had a transfer organised to Ayutthaya (about an hour north of Bangkok) so it was pretty stress-free getting from A to B. I arrived at the riverside hotel in Ayutthaya which was much more luxurious than I had anticipated! I was also very grateful for the massive buffet dinner which was waiting when I got there and got a chance to meet some of the interns at dinner which was brilliant. 

Day 2:

The orientation started in the grand conference room which involved an introduction to Thai culture, and language, expectations of interns on the trip and also on etiquette standards whilst at the schools.  Another buffet lunch followed (much to everyone’s pleasure) and then some teaching tips from two guys who had been living and teaching in Bangkok for just over a year. In the afternoon we visited Wat Mahatat. When the Burmese invaded they removed all the Buddha’s heads, the most famous one being the big Buddha which became encased within the roots of a fig tree. The evening meal was Korean barbeque and I went with the interns in the ‘party’ tuk-tuks which were like transportable discos! 

Day 3:

I went with the interns to Kanchanaburi whilst other stayed in Ayutthaya. We all got dropped off at another beautiful hotel set amongst the jungle-covered mountains. The interns had their second orientation outlining the attractions of Kanchanaburi. There were visible nerves as they were told they would have to acclimatise to basic amenities so there were many sighs of relief when they saw they had western-style toilets and not squat ones!

Day 4-5:

The next couple days were spent dropping the interns off at their schools around Kanchanaburi. In groups of 2 or 3 they were introduced to their school directors and the resident English teacher. I got a chance to see some of the children too; they were adorable and very excited to see their new teachers! I had a morning off on the third day so went to see the Bridge over the River Kwai which was something I’d always wanted to see and it was only a 10 minute tuk-tuk ride away!

Day 6:

We revisited the interns who had been at their schools a couple of days to make sure they were settling in. It was amazing to hear some of their feedback and all their nerves seemed to have dissipated since I’d last seen them. All of the interns had plans to go to the Erawan Falls on their first weekend off - I was a little jealous,  but I guess I didn’t have the luxury of being in Thailand for the next 2 months! And I knew they would have so much to look forward to!

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