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Employer Requirements:

For us to be able to sponsor your employer must:

  • Maintain a full-time on-site employee to intern/trainee ratio of at least 5:1

  • Have an official business or company email address (this cannot be Hotmail, Gmail, etc.)

  • Have an operational, English-language website that provides a description and verification of business activities

  • Be a registered company in the USA
  • Complete a training plan which details exactly what you will be doing in America and justification of the length of your internship. Your visa sponsor will liaise with your employer regarding your training plan and may visit them in person

  • Be able to facilitate a site visit to ensure the internship is suitable.

Training Plan

The training plan must clearly indicate which tasks and projects you are expected to be involved in during your internship. The more detailed the description of these tasks and projects, the better. This is best expressed in a weekly or monthly breakdown of your activities.

Employer Site Visits

Periodically a site visit will be conducted to ensure that the company is an appropriate host for an international intern and meets all J-1 Visa regulations.

An employer site visit is required if:

  • The company has fewer than 25 employees

  • The company generates less than $3 million in annual revenue.

If a site visit is required there will be an additional cost of $250.

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