As one of the most popular backpacking destinations, who could resist the amazing surfing, tropical rainforests and vibrant cities? Sydney’s amazing restaurants, bars, and beaches; Melbourne’s style and arty influences; and Brisbane’s pumping nightlife, historic buildings and great coffee! Check out Cairns too, gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.

BUNAC Programmes in Australia

Work & Travel Australia

Working in Australia is the best way for you to experience the real culture of this vast country. Whether you're a fully independent traveller or need a little a little help along the way, we have a choice of four packages to suit your needs. Our team of Work Australia experts will help you with everything from getting a visa to finding a job. Start your new Aussie adventure today!

Price from £155 View Programme

Volunteer Australia

Take a different route around Australia and share your love for conservation by taking a volunteer experience Down Under. From the sunshine state of Western Australia to the driest state in the south, explore Oz whatever way you like and do something meaningful in the process.

Price from £465 View Programme

Intern Australia

As a graduate we know how important it is to make your CV stand out, so what better way to do that than with international industry experience? With opportunities ranging from marketing and events to engineering and architecture you can be sure to find the opportunity for you Down Under this year.

Price from £750 View Programme

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