Dissertation done...Sydney here I come!

Now that revision notes, dissertation subjects and studying have been forgotten, have a read of what Sarah has been thinking of before she zips off to Oz with Work Australia!

I had reached my final year of university and my dissertation deadline was ever looming, throughout countless epic library sessions my mind often wondered with thoughts of golden beaches, beautiful sunshine and carefree living. It was during this time that I decided to book onto BUNAC’s Work Australia programme! What better way to lift my spirits then to set myself a glowing Aussie shaped light at the end of the tunnel!

Four months to go until I start my 12 month Australian adventure and there is a lot to think about, planning to travel alone to the other side of the world is quite scary! Here are my top ten things to think about before heading down under…

10. How do I pack a year’s worth of stuff in one seemingly tiny backpack!

Looking around my crowded uni room I am wondering how it is going to be possible for me to survive for a year with only a rucksack on my back! Thinking back to my three month stint in the US in 2010 I had a similar dilemma, however, I did realise that the US and Australia also do actually sell life’s essentials and I’m pretty sure it won’t be long until I have an all new wardrobe!

9. Will I be a bikini babe or a beached whale!?

Everyone knows that Australians are buff beach Gods and I do not want to seem pale and flabby in comparison. The amazing weather surely means that I will be living in a bikini so it’s time to hit the gym, ditch the junk food and prepare to look fabulous! Ok, easier said than done, but I’m sure after that first timid day of sunbathing it will become obvious that Australians are humans too and not all cyborgs from the planet good looking…

8. What am I going to do for Christmas?

Ok, so I’m leaving in September which means that I will be spending my first ever Christmas away from my family. Not only that but it will be hot, madness! I think I’m going to combat this by making everyone at home jealous with pictures on the beach, in a Santa hat, tanning on Christmas day!

7. Is it essential that I know how to surf?

Not Being the most co-ordinated of people, the prospect of attempting to coolly surf the (epic) waves of Bondi Beach is a little daunting. However, I’m sure the handsome Aussie instructors will be willing to help…(Check out the BUNAC surf camp!)

6. How will I survive without my mum!?

Even though I’ve lived at uni for three years the prospect of being on the other side of the world to my family is slightly terrifying! That’s why I am hoping to find a new traveller family… and for those homesick moments there’s always Skype!

5. Will I make any friends??

An important question for a lone traveller, my whole trip depends on meeting cool people who I can hopefully live and travel with; thankfully BUNAC’s group flight option has set my mind at ease. By taking a group flight I have been assured that I will meet up to 40 other keen BUNAC participants and the majority of BUNACers end up sticking together!

4. Where am I going to live!?

Spending a year abroad means living arrangements are pretty important, but I am hoping that the previous answer covers this too! My fellow group flight travellers will be in the same boat (or plane) meaning they are prospective roommates! I am also assured that BUNAC’s partners in OZ, Work ‘n’ Holiday, which have offices in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne list available rooms/apartments in all their offices.

3. What role do BUNAC play in my working holiday?

Booking through BUNAC has reassured me that I will be supported throughout the duration of my trip. Work ‘n’ Holiday in Oz means that I will have access to offices across Australia where I can meet fellow travellers, use the internet, look for jobs and places to live. BUNAC’s group flight includes a three day stopover in Hong Kong, which is not only seriously cool, but it also will give me the chance to get to know my fellow travellers.

2. Which Oz city is the place to be…

Everyone I speak to who has been to Oz has an opinion on their fave destination. Will it be Sydney so I can hang out on Bondi, club it up in Kings Cross and still have the ease of travelling to other east coast cities? Melbourne with its laid back living and European feel, as well as the chance to explore the sights down the Great Ocean Road? Or should I head out west for an adventure in Perth and explore the miles of sun beach and surf? Ah sod it I’ll do it all and decide for myself!

1. How do I find a job!?

Are the Aussies actually going to employ me? Will I earn enough money to live? One of the wonderful things about booking with BUNAC is that they offer an up to date jobs directory which I can use to find jobs throughout Oz. Moreover, at the arrival orientation they also offer the opportunity to ‘Australianise’ your CV! I’m pretty chilled about finding work as I know I have great resources available, a winning personality and of course a British accent!


If you need an Australian shaped light at the end of your tunnel check out Work Australia now! Got some other Qs which Sarah hasn't thought of? Give one of our Work Abroad Experts a call on 033 3999 7516.

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