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Name: Andrew Berrow

Location/interview areas covered: South West England

Which camp(s) did you attend? I was a counsellor at Camp Winaukee in New Hampshire

How many summers did you spend at camp? I have spent about fifteen summers at camp. Some years I was able to be there for the full time, while others I went back to help out for a few weeks.

Which role(s) did you have at camp? I have been a cabin counsellor (many years ago!), an activity head (Sailing), a group and row leader and an associate director.

What did you learn about yourself whilst at summer camp? The most important thing was that I really liked working with kids. It was this experience that took me into teaching, a job that I really enjoy.

What was your favourite thing about camp? Getting to know the campers and seeing them develop over the summer. If you could turn the “I” that arrived at the beginning of the summer into the “us” of the cohesive cabin, then I felt that I’d done a decent job.

What main qualities and/or skills do you look for in an interviewee? Patience with and understanding of children allied with the essential sense of humour. Oh and lots of enthusiasm too. An ability to make fun out of thin air is also an advantage.

Top tip for anyone attending a summer camp interview? Be yourself and make sure that you allow your enthusiasm to come across. Don’t hide your light under a bushel!

Fun fact about yourself: I hold the camp record for the worst singing in front of the kids. It really was painful.

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