The Long Lake Runaways

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An American road-trip will change you, period. It will open your eyes to the sheer scale of everything around you. It will strip-away preconceptions of what you read in magazines and see on Television.

Six Road-Tripanauts, fresh from summer duties at Long Lake Camp, NY found that out for themselves in the summer of 2011. Our Road trip took us around the West Coast; from the hilly metropolis of San Francisco to the bright lights of Sin City aka Las Vegas to the wonders of Tinseltown, L.A and back.

It was eight days of cultural education, which manifested itself in many different ways across the course of the trip. The sights and a short embedment into American culture from an L.A college frat-house perspective were one thing; but social harmony and group-shared learning from our own past experiences was an education within itself.

It was something that truly became apparent along the dusty midnight freeways to L.A, back-dropped with nocturnal, Disney-like vistas across the baron western plains. It was something that stood out as one of the strongest memories of the tour, all six of us sharing thoughts and ideas amidst large handfuls of M&Ms from the industrial-sized bag in the glove box.

The biggest thing which sticks from a road trip like this is what you learn about yourself, it’s an opportunity to reflect on your moral compass, life goals; to tweak both if necessary and finally taking a moment to breathe it all in.

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