Step up your packing game with 6 quick tips from BUNAC

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  1. Roll with it

    There’s nothing worse than opening up your suitcase to a pile of ironing. Rolling up your clothes will not only save you space but also prevents pesky creases.

  2. Shoe space

    Shoes are easily the most awkward thing to pack. To make sure you don’t lose too much precious suitcase space, use your shoes to your advantage by rolling up socks and underwear and placing them inside your shoes.

  3. Vacuum bags

    Vacuum bags are a must. They’re cheap and easy to get hold of and you’ll be able to pack twice as much using these.Place your clothes inside the bag, seal it, suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner and watch your clothes compress in size.

  4. Duct tape is your friend

    There’s nothing worse than opening your bag to a sun cream explosion. Duct tape is your answer, cracking stuff. Wrap a few strips around the lids of your toiletries to prevent any sneaky leakages.

  5. Samples, samples, samples

    Always take as many samples as you can. Airports are a great place to get these and will save your from taking awkward chunky bottles in your case.

  6. Pack then unpack

    Pack your bag once, and then find 2 items to remove (hair dryer, Tub of Nutella…). Continue this process until you have halved what you had at first.

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