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Name: Rich Barry

Location/interview areas covered: Cardiff

Which camp(s) did you attend? Cedar Lake Camp, Milford, PA

How many summers did you spend at camp?

Which role(s) did you have at camp? Roller hockey specialist, Assistant to the Directors, and Assistant Director 

What did you learn about yourself whilst at summer camp? I love working with children, as well as people from all over the world and that I LOVE to HAVE FUN! 

What was your favourite thing about camp? Interacting with the campers, it truly is so much fun. I spent 3 years at camp living in a bunk  with 20 boys aged 13/14. The relationships that you make with them is not like the real world. While at camp, you are there role model, there supervisor, there CREATOR OF FUN! They truly look to you for inspiration. This is similar with the staff, again, the relationships that you can build in just 8 weeks with a staff member are often stronger than those of years in the world. 

Really, it is too hard to say what my favourite thing about camp is, I guess I would just have to say ALL OF IT! 

What main qualities and/or skills do you look for in an interviewee? I look for someone that has a genuine interest in working with children, and that has had experience working with children. On top of this, I look for someone who can bring something special to camp, what I mean by this is: do you have something that help you to stand out above the rest? Whether it is a particular hidden talent, your ability to think of the spot, your friendly and out going personality and so on. 

Top tip for anyone attending a summer camp interview: Smile and relax. I know from personal experience that interviews can be intimidating, but just make sure you come in with a smile and be ready to tell us all about you 

Fun fact about yourself: While in India during 2013, I spent 10 days in silence at a Vipassana Mediation centre! 

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