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Thinking of volunteering in South Africa? Hear what some of our former participants have to say about the experience!

Sarah, Netball Coaching
"I would recommend this experience to anyone as the people, place and placement all exceeded my expectations. It is a worthwhile experience and the children you coach are the most enthusiastic I have ever seen."

Rebecca, Netball Coaching
"Had an amazing time in South Africa- an unforgettable experience. I have made friends for life and this had totally made my Gap Year. Would recommend this placement especially at this time of year to anyone interested in coaching sport."

Oliver, Football Coaching
"I had an amazing three months and definitely recommend people to do it. The coaching was amazing and the kids were brilliant as well as the people that I coached with and definitely an experience to remember!!"

Leisa, Hockey Coaching
"I spent 7 weeks In Port Elizabeth and had the time of my life. I met some awesome people and made new friends in the process. the coaching placement was challenging at times although very rewarding and the chance to work with kids in an orphanage in an Aids Haven is something that I will never forget."

Peter, Football Coaching
"It was awesome!! I didn´t want to go back to the UK!!"

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