5 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer Abroad

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Get more from your travels abroad and give back with a volunteer experience that you will never forget. At BUNAC we offer ethical, cost-effective overseas volunteering programmes that will ensure you’ll have a rewarding experience whilst making a difference across the globe.

Check out our top five reasons why you should Volunteer Abroad this year.

1.Help make a difference on a global scale

Jet off abroad knowing that you’ll not only be seeing a different part of the world, but that you’ll be helping others and making a difference along the way. Whether you choose to work with animal conservation, teach English abroad or work with communities there are plenty of ways you can help and at BUNAC we offer Volunteer Abroad projects suited for all. 

2. Learn new skills that will boost your CV 

Not only will you be able to use your skills to help support communities around the world, you’ll learn new skills that you can apply to your future career. From team work and leadership skills to learning new languages, the skills you’ll gain will stand out on your CV and will give you an incredible talking point during interviews. 

3. Experience a new culture 

If you’re wanting to travel the world and experience new cultures, then nothing is more culturally rewarding than volunteering abroad. You’ll not only visit some incredible countries, but you will get to know unique communities and have a real, immersive, cultural experience.

4. Meet incredible people from all walks of life 

Wherever you decide to volunteer you’ll meet incredible people from all over the world. From the people you volunteer with to the communities you help support, you are bound to make friends for life.

5. Travel the world 

Not only will you be able to travel to some incredible locations, but you’ll actually be able to live there – something not everyone can say they’ve done! You’ll be able to travel with a purpose knowing that you’re discovering new places while helping others.

Does a Volunteer Abroad programme sound like your next travel adventure? Check out BUNAC’s Volunteer Abroad programmes and make a difference on your next venture. 

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