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Booked onto your BUNAC programme and getting excited starting your packing, we're here to help you! So many questions… backpack or suitcase? What to pack? What kind of adapter do I need? We’re here to help with some handy hints on packing for your upcoming adventure!

Backpack or suitcase?

This depends on personal preference, where you’re going and what your plans involve. If you’re planning a trip around Australia and coming back via South East Asia, you’ll probably find a backpack more convenient. A year working in Toronto might mean a suitcase is more suitable. Whatever you decide, if you’re taking a backpack, take wheels! You then have a backpack/suitcase in one. Trust me on this: you’ll thank me for it later.

What to pack?

  • Make a pile of clothes to take. Now split them in half. You don’t need the same things that are essential here, and the more you take, the more you have to carry. You’ll also want to buy stuff out there.
  • Buy a padlock! Most hostels will have lockers to keep your stuff safe, not one will have free padlocks. Pack a medium size one and keep your valuables safe.
  • If you’re taking gadgets and electronic devices, make sure these are insured separately. You want to keep all your money for travel adventures, not for replacing expensive items!
  • Consider leaving straighteners or hairdryers at home as electrical items can be fire hazards if the voltage is different. If you must take them, make sure you get an adapter. Check online for which one you need – note that adapters do not convert voltage!
  • Hand luggage is for things you need on the plane and at the airport, or anything valuable which you don’t wish to check in. Not sure? Don’t pack it.
  • If you’re packing a backpack, organise the clothes by type. Then pack each type in a separate plastic bag, e.g. underwear in one, t-shirts in another. Not only does this make finding stuff easier, but any shower gel leakages are much easier to clear up! You will also be able to then keep dirty/clean clothes separate.
  • Sun screen! Don’t underestimate the sun – we Brits have a reputation in New Zealand and Australia for sunburn -don’t let us down!
  • Have a copy of your passport, insurance documents, any ID and bank contact details saved somewhere for easy access in case you lose these! You can email them to yourself and/or have someone at home keep copies.

We have document available with the most commonly forgotten items, get in touch to grab a copy so you don't make the same mistakes.

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