Summer Work and Volunteer Options with BUNAC

Work America

What is it? Work America offers you a flexible 4 month summer visa to work anywhere, and in any job in America. BUNAC provides visa application support, an exclusive job database and 24/7 in-country support.
What will I be doing? You can choose the job you do and where you do it! The majority of jobs in our exclusive job database are in customer service industries such as hospitality and retail but you are not limited to the jobs on the database; previous participants have secured paid internships in America.
How long is it for? You can work in America for up to 4 months from June to October; a typical student will spend a couple of months working and 2-6 weeks travelling afterwards.
When do I need to apply by? The programme closes in April, however we recommend applying by February to give yourself enough time to secure a job before you head to America.
What will I gain from going? Your direct work experience will depend on the job you get but working abroad will give you international work experience, and living independently abroad will give you much more confidence.
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Sports Coaching South Africa

What is it? A volunteer programme set up to use the power of sport to raise awareness of health and social issues among underprivileged children in Port Elizabeth.
What will I be doing? You will be coaching disadvantaged kids from Port Elizabeth a sport that you are passionate about.
How long is it for? You will be working 4-6 hours a day, 5 days a week and placements last from 5 to 12 weeks.
When do I need to apply by? You need to apply at least 10 weeks before the departure dates for the summer. I.e. if you want to leave in July you need to apply by the end of March.
What will I gain from going? You will gain sports coaching experience, as well gaining a new perspective from working in some of the poorest areas in South Africa.
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Volunteer USA

What is it? The opportunity to work in some of America’s most awe-inspiring locations including national parks, forests and wilderness areas to help preserve America’s natural beauty
What will I be doing? You will be assisting with the re-vegetation of national parks, helping with trail maintenance, building or repairing fences, and helping protect local endangered species.
How long is it for? You will work 40 hour weeks, and your placement will last from 2-6 weeks on the ECO USA programme and from 8-12 weeks on the conservation programme.
When do I need to apply by? You need to apply at least 10 weeks before your departure date. However, this programme is very popular and summer departure dates can often be full by January.
What will I gain from going? You will gain experience in conservation work, team work and communication skills from working with people from different backgrounds and countries.
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