How interning abroad can enhance your CV

Wondering how to stand out from the crowd of recent graduates and add that bit of sparkle to your CV? Consider undertaking an internship abroad – not only will you have the time of your life and create memories to last a lifetime, but it’ll boost your employability on your return too. Win win!

1. Discover a new business culture

Travel broadens the mind, but working abroad can broaden your work mind. Discover ways in which industries differ in their work practices – for example, the North American style is very customer service focused which can give you skills you simply wouldn’t learn in the UK. Phrases like ‘Have a nice day!’, ‘You’re welcome!’ and ‘No problem!’ are all meant sincerely and form the basis of all interactions.

Improve your communication skills

The English language has so many idioms and you may find yourself having to explain what ‘kick the bucket’ or ‘cheap as chips’ means! And vice versa, you may need to learn what ‘schlepp your bags’ means! (carry / drag your bags). These types of conversations often descend into laughter and can really help you to bond with your new found friends.

3. Learn a new language

The world is becoming smaller and smaller and learning a new language like Spanish on the Teach and Travel Chile programme or Mandarin on the Teach and Travel China programme can open up new and exciting doors! Mandarin and Spanish are the top two most spoken languages in the world. Employers are increasingly listing ‘fluent in another language’ on application forms so what are you waiting for? Comenzar a aprender!

4. Strengthen your CV

Interning in another country will illustrate to potential employers that you can work in a variety of situations and in a variety of cultures. Diversity really is the key and interning abroad will give you that flexible approach to show that you can get along with people from anywhere and can bridge cultural and religious differences in the work place.

5. Get your foot in the door!

If you intern with a multi-national company abroad, not only will this look impressive on your CV, but it can give you a foot in the door (there’s another British idiom!) to permanent employment with that same company once you are back in the UK. After all – you’ll be armed with tonnes of info about how their organisation operates abroad… surely you’d be a pretty good candidate?!

All sound good? For some BUNAC programmes, we organise your conservation or teaching internship for you. For other programmes, we organise the visa once you have arranged the internship. Check out our top tips on how to secure an internship.




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