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Packing for a summer working at Summer Camp USA can be daunting, and although each camp is different, we asked our ex-Camp Counsellors in the BUNAC office for their top tips. We’ve included things we think you should pack, and some things that you really don’t need to take with you!

Pack light

Our main message on what to take clothes-wise is pack light - Honestly, you’ll thank us afterwards. You don’t need enough clothes to last you three or four weeks – laundry is available at camp! Make sure you have at least seven days’ worth of clothes (generally just shorts and t-shirts). Although it may be much hotter in the USA, restaurants and malls often blast the air-con, so remember to take a hoodie or even a light raincoat for those rainy days. One thing you need a lot of is socks! You need to have at least fifty pairs of socks - the wackier the print, the better! You will lose socks so much that you’ll wonder if they’re not wandering off by themselves. We’re pretty sure you’ll end up buying more too. A good pair of trainers is an absolute must for camp – you’ll be on your feet all day every day, and often on uneven ground, so a comfy pair of shoes will make all the difference. 

A little bit of Britain

When asked for their top Summer Camp USA packing tips, pretty much everyone in our office said tea bags! Although we’re huge fans of global culture and trying different things, you'll rarely find half decent tea bags in over 95% of the USA. It's a quick, easy, cheap, sure-fire way to have a little bit of England with you whenever you're feeling a tad patriotic and/or missing the motherland. You can easily fit 100 or so into a zip lock bag that you won't even notice them in your luggage. Don’t drink tea but want a touch of home? Take a flag, some photos or your favourite pillow case to make your new surroundings a bit homelier. We’d also suggest taking a small backpack or day bag with you or buying one while you’re out there. If you’re based at a big Summer Camp, you’ll want something to carry your water/sun screen/bug spray etc with you. You may also find you end up sneakily having to carry a million of your camper’s things too, so a back pack is never a bad shout. 

Toiletries galore

One thing you don’t need to take are excessive toiletries. These are often weighty, difficult to pack and run the risk of exploding all over your luggage so are much better of being bought after you arrive at camp. Bring enough to see you through the first week or so but the rest can easily be purchased later, especially on your first trip into Walmart. You also don’t want to pack bug spray - if anyone tells you to take this too, don’t listen to them – English bug spray does not work in the USA - those bugs just get attracted to it. Get the real stuff once you arrive!

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