Top Tips for Travelling the USA in 30 Days

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You have just wrapped up your Summer Camp USA or Work America job, and you have 30 glorious days left on your J-1 visa to see as much of the USA as possible. Our Summer Camp USA veteran Adam spent a whopping 10 summers at camp, and here is his insider’s guide on where to go across the pond, what to see and how to get there. 

The USA is pretty big

One of the biggest mistakes people make when planning their travels is underestimating the size of the USA. Each state can be the size of a country, and with Texas, maybe four or five countries. Be realistic with your timeline - consider how many days you’ll want to spend in each destination you visit, and add around a day just for travelling there.

To road trip or not to road trip

If you’re thinking of this type of adventure, make sure you travel with others to share the driving, and don’t plan on driving more than eight hours in a day - road trips sound cool, but the novelty soon wears off if you don’t plan your time wisely! Also, take into account extra charges for car rental if you are under 25. A cost-effective alternative for those that hear the open road calling their name is a tour with Trek America - you get 10% off if you've travelled with BUNAC!

Where should I travel in the USA?

You might want to pick a region of the USA to travel, for example the east or west coast, so you can spend a little more time in each city you visit. Something that struck me while travelling was how different each state can really be. You don’t need to travel far to see the cultural vibrancy of the USA. You’ll soon see how much more there is to this country, away from the stereotypes - although Disneyland and giant doughnuts are still pretty cool! 

What are my travel options?

Whether it’s that iconic all-American road trip, city-hopping with cheap internal flights, or some overnight trips on the Greyhound (perfect for covering a lot of ground at a reduced cost), there’s a method of travel for every adventurer. The Greyhound is an easy and affordable way to travel between cities. If you want to cover a little more ground, internal flights are worth looking at. Even though New York is closer to London than Miami is to Seattle, you can still get flights across the country for a reasonable cost, what’s more, this will also save you precious time.

Adam’s top pick for exploring the USA

My personal tip on travelling to the USA is to hit as many national parks as you possibly can. In my opinion they are the absolute hidden gems of the USA and offer some of the most staggering, humbling views anywhere in the world! Zion, Arches, Yosemite and Grand Canyon are the ones you may have heard of but there are 58 national parks in total, and all offer natural oases of full majestic beauty! 

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