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Name: Kirsty Whitworth

Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand

Position: Operations Co-Ordinator

Countries visited: Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Germany (Munich), France, Belgium (Bruges and Brussels), Fiji

Favorite place you’ve been and why: Bruges – went for the Christmas markets and just fell in love with the place, the canal trip and house and carriage ride were great ways to see the city. The waffles were amazing (the best I’ve had so far) and there was something for everyone!

Ideal next trip destination and why: Anywhere new – I enjoy traveling and getting to explore different countries – heading to Hilguy in France later this year.

Favorite BUNAC Program and why: Work New Zealand – I know what it is like to live and work in New Zealand and it is such a great country, very friendly people, relaxed atmosphere but you can make really good friends everywhere you go. No matter where you live, you are always a short way from a beach!

What you love about BUNAC: That no two days are the same and that we are helping people make the move to explore different countries.

Fill in the blanks:

I couldn’t live without coffee, every morning I have a cup of coffee before anything else.

I’m embarrassed that I love rugby so much that as a supporter I will be close to tears at the final whistle of important test matches.

A fun fact about me is that I love rugby so much; I will get up at 6am on the weekend to watch it.

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