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Name: Amanda Sommer

Hometown: Orillia, Canada

Position: Work Abroad Co-ordinator

Countries visited: 25 by the age of 25 - Thailand, Guatemala, Australia, Indonesia, Spain and Morocco to name some favourites.  

Favorite place you’ve been and why: Spain. I've taught English there for 5 summers and still find new things to fall in love with every time! Amazing cities. Beautiful beaches. Sunshine. Tapas. Markets. Culture. And did I mention the sunshine? 

Ideal next trip destination and why: South America, South America, hands down South America .. It just needs to be done! 

Favorite BUNAC Program and why: Summer Camp America. I did camp every year for 21 years, both as a camper and a counselor. Camp is such a unique experience that 100% shaped the person I am - honestly can't speak highly enough about it. 

What you love about BUNAC: Everyone just wants to help people make that first (or 7th) step toward a new adventure. Work fueled by a genuine passion for travel - you really can't go wrong! 

Fill in the blanks:

I couldn’t live without: My passport. And music. If there was a way to combine the two to dance my way into each country, I'm in. 

I’m embarrassed that I love: Pugs. The more awkward-looking and squishy-faced, the better. 

A fun fact about me is: I'm a Guatemalan Hungarian born in Canada, who's lived in Costa Rica and Australia before arriving here in the UK. I think it's safe to say travel's definitely in my blood.

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