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Meet Ross, he worked as a Regional Marketing Co-ordinator a BUNAC during his studies and still has links with BUNAC today!

Ross - Primary School Teacher

How long did you work for BUNAC and what was your role?

I worked for Bunac for 1 academic year, September to June. I was an RMC, Regional Marketing Co-ordinator - which meant I got to talk about traveling and my experiences everyday! Dream job. 

Did you do a BUNAC programme? If so, what was your highlight?

I've only participated in 1 programme, Summer Camp Exchange. Over the years I worked in a camp about 7 or 8 time. It's hard to describe what I loved about it because I loved the whole experience. Working with children in the outdoors with a motivated young team of counsellors was fantastic. Being able to build relationships with the campers year on year gave me a brilliant insight into children's development and a sense of pride watching them grow. 

What are you doing now?

Currently I'm a primary school teacher, which developed from being a camp counsellor. 

Which skills did you get by working at BUNAC? How have they helped you in your current role?

Many of the skills I gained at while on Summer Camp exchange have helped me in my current role. Organisation, lesson planning and development, enjoyment through learning are all some of the key factors I bring into my classroom from a camp setting.

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