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Thinking about about an internship and think that finding one at home will do? Sure you could always head back to a home-cooked meal every night... or you could dine at London's hottest restaurants after a productive day's work and relax in Paris for a weekend. Check out Intern in Britain Jared's experience below: professional development and European jet-setting included. 

The Intern Life of Jared

"I was running - sprinting really - dodging around people from all over the world feeling like I was in an airport video game. Wide-eyed and out of breath by the time I got to the security check, I glanced at my watch again: it was 5:45 PM and my flight took off at 6:00 PM. My first London revelation: don't always rely on trains being on time.

It's funny now to look back at my time in London because just like when I was late for that flight, time has passed by much too quickly. It wasn't long ago that I secured my internship, arrived at Heathrow Airport and waited for the sound of my passport being stamped to begin my adventure with Divido - a start-up in Camden, London.

Interning in London is unlike interning anywhere else; the diversity and energy you find while living and working here just can't compare. My office space is in a cool start-up incubator in Camden called the Interchange Triangle, decked out with ping pong and foosball tables and steps away from enjoying lunch at the famous Camden Market (which is a world in itself). The assault on your olfactory sense is mouth-watering as you take in all of the different cuisines, styles and presentations of food - definitely not your average lunch break.

Back around the office it's always interesting to see all the different nationalities and hear all the accents around. It creates a much more international space to work in, allowing for cross border connections and international friendships - and that's just during the work week!

Weekends are another level: whether it be perusing macaron shops in Paris or devouring schnitzel in Austria, London serves as a great travel hub for getting around other European countries. Throughout the duration of my internship I've visited Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Hungary, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Sweden, even taking the high speed train from London to Paris in just over two hours one weekend. I was enjoying the sights and sounds hours before everyone back at the airport had even boarded - it's just amazing how well connected everything is.

My first week here was one I'll never forget, riding the fine line between nervous and excited but quickly realizing everyone was so welcoming made me feel at home. My first Thursday we had hit the stretch sales target for the month so the whole company of 12 left work early and went for lunch at easily one of the best Indian restaurants in London. We arrived in the early afternoon and didn't end up leaving until after dark - everyone was eating, drinking, talking and laughing and as the day turned to night I remember thinking 'Wow, this is an awesome place to be.'

Whatever you are in the mood for, London has something to offer. I've sipped on wine at the top of the Shard, danced the night away at the Hospital Club and played tennis in lush public parks - all while developing my resume.

Rating of the experience as a whole = wouldn't trade it for anything.

Thanks to BUNAC for making it possible."

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