COVID-19 Work Abroad Update - New Zealand

COVID-19 Work Abroad Update - New Zealand (updated 09/07/2020)

As countries respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel and border restrictions are constantly changing. Please see below the latest government restrictions:

During this COVID-19 pandemic we are facing unimaginable uncertainty and speculation. We are helping thousands of work abroad participants navigate this confusing time and we believe the best course of action is for us to discover and communicate only the facts.

We remain wholeheartedly committed to life-changing work and travel experiences, the global connections they help build provide and the positive impact they create in the world.

Entry into New Zealand

  • New Zealand's borders are closed for entry to almost all travelers. You should not plan to travel to New Zealand until there is a further update from the New Zealand government. You can monitor their website for the most recent updates here.

Visa Processing

  • All New Zealand visa processing is currently on hold until further notice. This page will be updated when the New Zealand government announces processes resume. You can also monitor the New Zealand government’s website directly here.
    If you have not yet submitted your visa application, please do not. The deadline for IEP Work Exchange application submissions has been removed, and a new deadline will be provided to you when visa processing resumes.
  • If you have submitted your visa application but have not heard back from New Zealand immigration yet, you’ll need to wait until visa processing resumes to receive your visa decision.
  • If you have submitted your visa application but you now want to withdraw it, let us know. We’ll help you with this request but cannot guarantee that it will be granted by New Zealand immigration as this is generally assessed by them on a case by case basis. We’ll also work with you case by case on the outcome of the withdrawal.
  • If you have received your visa letter and are currently unable to travel, New Zealand immigration have stated that extensions are not currently possible, and this will be reassessed once borders are open again.
  • If you are currently in New Zealand, due to temporary changes from immigration, you can now apply for your IEP visa without leaving New Zealand. Please let us know if this applies to you so we can pass on further information.

Currently in New Zealand

  • Stay in touch with IEP. If you require support, contact them using Those with visas expiring between 2nd April and 9th July (inclusive) will be granted an extension until 25th September 2020 if you arrived in New Zealand before April 2nd, 2020. Monitor the New Zealand government website for the most recent updates here.