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Jobs to Live, Work & Travel in Japan

There’s no better way to experience Japan than by working there whilst you travel. Our program gives you all the essential support from translating your resume from English to Japanese, setting you up with in-country employers and landing you that all-important job.

Typical working-holiday jobs include:

  • Waiters, waitresses and servers in restaurants, cafes and fast-food chains
  • Retail and sales assistants in shops
  • Fruit pickers and farm workers
  • Room attendants, front desk staff or instructors in hotels, ryokans (traditional Japanese guesthouses) and ski resorts
  • English Teachers

Although it is not essential to speak Japanese to land a job in Japan, it is considerably easier (and faster) if you have a basic level of understanding. This will ensure that you are fully-immersed with the local culture and gaining a greater insight into Japanese culture. You may choose to practice Japanese prior to your arrival. However, you may also find it beneficial to buy yourself some super-fun lessons when you arrive. Check out our 4-week Japanese language course, where you can meet other like-minded travelers and practice your new language together. Before long you’ll be able to say a lot more than Konnichiwa!