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Finding a job

On this visa you have the freedom to work anywhere in New Zealand and take any job. Our in-country partners are there to assist you for your entire time in New Zealand through job advice and support, job databases, email alerts and job postings. After you attend orientation in Auckland, you are free to travel and work anywhere in New Zealand, and they will be happy to assist via email and phone!

Participants find work mainly in restaurants, bars, offices, retail and ski resorts. Many are also able to secure career-related positions, these may take a bit longer to find.

Agricultural work is plentiful. When you arrive, our in-country partners will advise on which crops are in season and how to find this type of work.

Remember that the seasons are reversed in New Zealand. New Zealand students start their summer break in mid-November and are potential job competition then. If you are going before Christmas, we recommend that you obtain your first job as soon as you can on arrival.

Take a look at some current job listings:

Strawberry pickers in Kerikeri (Keri Central BP's)
Bud thinning in Opotiki
Cafe and shop staff in Tauranga (Wild Earth Organics)
Summer staff for the Waiomu Beach Cafe
Sea Kayak Guide in Cathedral Cove
Ice cream seller in Lake Taupo
Kitchen hand in National Park
Housekeeper in Raglan
Orchard (apple thinning) and vineyard work in Hastings
Holiday Park cleaners in Picton
Ice cream cart manager in Picton
Vineyard work in Blenheim
Room Attendant at Peppers Bluewater Resort Lake Tekapo
Wilderness Lodge assistants and cooks (Lake Moeraki and Arthur's Pass)
Camping Ground assistants in Lake Waihola
Holiday Park cleaners in Queenstown
YHA Te Anau needs a hostel assistant 
Front Office Services in Te Anau