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What kind of jobs do people find?

It is best to have a flexible attitude when it comes to employment in New Zealand. This will not only allow you to find work quickly, but also to make the most of your year by having diverse experiences. The Working Holiday Visa allows you to work in any field. Participants have found casual jobs as well as professional jobs while in New Zealand. Most participants find work in: seasonal agriculture / tourism, hotels/motels/hostels, restaurants/cafes, shops/retail, working through a temp agency. Check out our jobs page for more information! 

How do I find a job?

After you do the arrival orientation in Auckland you will gain access to job notice boards, databases, e-mail alerts and gain other contacts for job searching throughout the country. Our partner staff in Auckland are experts at helping working holiday participants find work! On average, participants secure work in 1-3 weeks, but you are free to work when and where you want.

Where do I live and how do I find a place to live?

Most participants will stay in a hostel while they are traveling around and until they find permanent accommodations (on average 2-4 weeks). There are many different options while living in New Zealand: work for accommodations (usually at a hostel,) living with a New Zealand family, living with a flat with locals or other travellers, air B&B's, etc. The resource center in New Zealand will be able to provide resources and advice on finding housing upon arrival.

Where can I work in New Zealand?

On the working holiday program you can work in any city in practically any job!

Can I leave New Zealand?

Yes, the Working Holiday Visa is a multiple entry visa and you may leave and return to New Zealand during the 12 months that your visa is valid.

Do I have to stay in New Zealand for 12 months?

No, the maximum stay is 12 months and there is no minimum stay. We do recommend you consider staying for at least 6 months in order to get the full experience!

How long will it take me to find a job?

 Most participants will find work in 1-3 weeks of seriously looking. November to February are the busiest employment season for fruit picking season and shops taking on extra employees for the holiday season.

Will I be able to save money while I am there?

 While this varies from participant to participant depending on your lifestyle and spending habits, it is not very common for people to leave a working holiday year with much savings. This is of course because budgets do not tend to be the viewed the same when you are abroad as they would when you are home. Most people will travel more than usual, go out more than they would at home and take advantage of the year by experiencing as much as they can! Working holidays are meant for you to be able to fund your travels.

Am I guaranteed a job?

Our partner in New Zealand does an excellent job of assisting working holiday participants in finding work, they are the experts in this field! They hold one-on-one sessions with you to revise your CV and help you get started. You will gain access to job notice boards and lots of other resources. However, it will ultimately be up to the participant to secure the position as they will be responsible for going to interviews and accepting a position.

Do you have to be a student to apply to this program?

No, there is no student status requirement for the Work New Zealand program (although, you do need to be at least a high school graduate). For the Working Holiday Visa you must be between the ages of 18 and 30 and for IEP you must be between the ages of 18 and 35.

Does BUNAC help organize my flight to New Zealand?

Participants book flights independently. We suggestion booking through STA Travel at 1-800-553-7907

Does BUNAC help me set up a bank account in New Zealand?

Yes! One of the main benefits of going through BUNAC is our many support services. At arrival orientation in Auckland our team will work with you to set up a bank account and obtain the extremely important tax id number.

What are the cancellation conditions

IEP Work Exchange visa program - If you cancel from the program before we have received your Step 2 visa application, there will be a cancelation fee of $300. If you cancel after you have submitted your Step 2 visa application but before we have submitted your passport to the New Zealand Embassy, $685 is forfeited. Once the visa is issued, there is no refund of any program fee or insurance premium. Any cancelation must be made in writing and is only effective from the date we receive it.


In the extremely rare event that the embassy denies you a visa, you forfeit $200 of the program fee. However, if the visa is denied for reasons which you had not previously disclosed to BUNAC, you will forfeit $685. In either case of visa denial, the insurance premium is fully refundable.


The above conditions apply only to the Work New Zealand program fees. Separate cancelation fees and conditions may apply to any flight bookings you make. BUNAC cannot be held liable for any delays caused by your visa processing.


Working Holiday Visa program - If you cancel from the program before your step 2 deadline, there will be a cancelation fee of $200. If you cancel after your step 2 deadline, there is no refund of any program fee. Any cancelation must be made in writing and is only effective from the date we receive it.

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