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Where can I work in Ireland?

 The work authorization allows you to work in any city in nearly any field! Fields that are not permitted include being an Au Pair and agricultural work.

Can I leave Ireland?

 Yes, during the time you are in Ireland on the working authorization you may leave Ireland and come back. This makes for the ultimate European gap year!

Do I have to stay in Ireland for 12 months?

 BUNAC offers a 4-month program and a 12-month program. These are maximum time limits not minimum. 

Do I have to have a job before I go?

 While you may begin looking for a job prior to arriving in Ireland, most participants will find work after they attend the arrival orientation. There are a few reasons for this: first of all you will be in country so you will be able to visit employers, interview, drop off your CV etc. Secondly you will have access to many more resources in terms of job hunting so your options are greatly expanded. And lastly because you will be registered with immigration and have your tax papers completed after the arrival orientation.

Will I be able to save money while I am there?


While this varies from participant to participant depending on your lifestyle and spending habits, it is not very common for people to leave a working holiday year with much savings. This is of course because budgets do not tend to be the viewed the same when you are abroad as they would when you are home. Most people will travel more than usual, go out more than they would at home and take advantage of the year by experiencing as much as they can! Working holidays are meant for you to be able to fund your travels.

What type of job will you place me in?

While BUNAC is not a placement service, we do have partners in Ireland that will help you with job hunting and assist you in converting your resume to meet Irish CV standards.

How long will it take me to find a job?

This greatly varies from participant to participant. If you are open to many types of work and begin searching right away, you will generally find something in 2-3 weeks. However if you are searching for something a bit more career oriented or don't start the job search process right after arrival you may experience longer time. Great times to arrive would be in the spring and fall months as spring leads into the tourist season and in fall employers are gearing up for the holiday season.

Am I guaranteed a job?

Unfortunately BUNAC does not do job placements. We provide you with excellent resources and our partner in Dublin will help you along the way! The job boards in the resource center are updated three times a week to ensure you are getting access to the latest openings. However, it will ultimately be up to the participant to secure the position as they will have to attend interviews, accept an offer etc.

Does my Associates Degree qualify me for this program?

All participants must be current students or recent graduates of at least a Bachelor's degree, associates degrees will not qualify you for this program

Do I have to pay taxes in Ireland?

Yes, since you are being paid in Ireland your income will be subject to the Irish tax system. At arrival orientation they will go over all the information you need to know about taxes and will provide you with the paper work you will need to fill out to claim some of your taxes back at the end of the year.

Ireland has universal health care, will I be covered under that?

You will not be covered under the national health care system in Ireland. Insurance is a requirement for both the 4 month and 12 month program and the Irish immigration office will ask to see your proof of insurance once in Ireland.

Do you provide any social events for me to meet others when in Dublin?

YES! Our partner in Dublin organizes some great events on a weekly and monthly basis to bring together lots of participants from all over. Events in the past have included "The Monday Club" (a weekly pub meet that gets you great deals on dinner and a pint,) Halloween scavanger hunt, wine tasting, 'bring your own beer bowling,' hiking in the Dublin area and more. Your social life in Ireland will be booming!

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