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Canadian Work Permit

The IEC work permit is perfect for working and traveling your way around Canada. 

Are you eligible for the IEC Work Permit?




18 – 35

Support funds Not required for US citizens.
Do I need to be in my home country to apply? We recommend US citizens being in the US during the time of application; otherwise it can take a long time to process the visa application. 
How long can I stay? 1-12 months with option to apply again for a 2nd year
How long can I work? 1-12 months for one or more employer, with option to apply again for a 2nd year 
What sort of work can I do? You can do any kind of work in Canada on the working holiday visa category during your stay, but if you want to work with children, teaching or in the health fields you will need to have a Canadian approved medical.
Do I have to pre-arrange work? No
How much does the visa cost? 2017 cost: CAN $126 + CAN $100 Open Work Permit Fee
How do I apply for the visa? Via an online application on the IEC website
How many visas can I have in a lifetime? 2
When do I need to apply for a visa? US citizens can apply for a Canadian visa at any time, however the application usually closes around October or November
Can I apply for a visa now? The visa application for 2018 should open in the fall 2017

If you have any questions about a Working Holiday Visa in Canada please call us on 866-220-7771.

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