Costs & Booking

Work in Canada is now closed for 2016.

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How to book and costs 

Customize your experience and complete your booking today to get the ball rolling and your adventure started in 2016!


  • Essentials Package: $450

  • Ultimate Winter Package: $650

  • Insurance: Purchase our Policy or use your own but it must cover medical care, hospitalization and repatriation#

  • Criminal Background check: Costs can vary state to state

  • Support Funds: CAN $2,500 

  • IEC visa: Stage 1: CAN $150 Stage 2: CAN $100

How to Book

  1. Apply online and pay the registration fee of $450 or $650 Once you have paid your $450 or $650 registration fee, you will gain access to BUNAC’s Work Canada program which includes expert IEC preparation, advice on what you’ll need crossing the border and options for job hunting. We’ll also assist you in sorting insurance options to cover both work and play so you can start your adventure without any hiccups!

  2. FBI Background Check BUNAC will provide you with our expedited service provider for your FBI Background check. All US candidates on this visa are now required to provide this check to IEC during the visa process. Our service will have a response ready for you within hours, cutting weeks of waiting time off for your results!

  3. Visa application Once you have your FBI background check, we will send the registered organization letter and visa instructions to your email. First you will complete the “Come to Canada” questionnaire, which will lead to your MyCIC profile to be submitted into one or more pools. Once selected, you will receive an invitation to accept and apply for the work permit.

  4. Interview (Ultimate Package members only) A member of the team will give you a call  to discuss your booking and motivations for going to Canada. We want to make sure we can match you to a job according to your preferences so don’t be shy! Once we have found a position for you we will be in touch to arrange your Skype interview.

  5. Book insurance and Travel It is a visa requirement that you have travel insurance for the duration of your visa. Check out our insurance page to view BUNAC’s bespoke work abroad policy. If you will be flying, we recommend booking through STA Travel. They  offer special rates for students and even a deposit program so that you can pay for your flight in installments. Get a competitive quote online or contact

  6. Travel to Canada  Once you have been issued your conditional acceptance letter or your letter of introduction, booked your travel and insurance you are ready to go to Canada! For Ultimate Package members – you will have your job already arranged so you are ready to begin your stress free adventure! For Essentials Package members – you will need to let us know when you are arriving into Canada so that we can arrange your welcome orientation. We have resource centers based in Toronto and Vancouver who will be on hand to give you assistance in gaining employment in Canada, giving you access to popular job listings and offering advice on adjusting to Canada life.