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If tracking incredible wildlife and camping under the South African stars are your thing, then BUNAC’s Wildlife Conservation South Africa program is for you!

Choose whether to roll up your sleeves and be actively involved in conserving rhinos and elephants or monitor cheetahs, buffalo and leopards in a beautiful wildlife reserve on the Cheetah Research Project.

You will be living with fellow volunteers and working alongside full time local staff. Also included are two fantastic day trips including a guided tour of the town of Soweto, home of Nelson Mandela and trip to a cultural village to learn some basic Zulu!

Take Part In:

  • Tracking/monitoring of rhinos and elephants
  • Game capture and relocations (seasonal)
  • Reserve management and bush clearing
  • Maintenance such as fence monitoring and road repair
  • Poaching prevention techniques
  • Buffalo monitoring and habituation

How You Can Help:

The project is dedicated to conserving rhinos and elephants through active tracking and monitoring on a daily basis. The Rhino and Elephant Project needs enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers to help with this very important project to save these animals.

The work will be exciting and rewarding and will offer the opportunity to have a once in a lifetime experience! Be prepared to dive in and get involved as the project is quite physical and you must be ready to roll up your sleeves to help. You will be spending long periods of time out in the wild and so a love for nature and the outdoors is a must.

Why Your Help Is Needed:

It is proven that rhinos which are tracked and monitored regularly are far less likely to be poached than rhinos that are not monitored. Rhino horns and elephant tusks have been associated with Chinese herbal medicines and have been the main reasons for the majority of all the local black and white rhino deaths putting them back on the endangered species list.

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