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BUNAC USA Travel Insurance Premiums
3 Months $194
4 Months $258
5 Months $323
6 Months $360
7 Months $420
8 Months $480
9 Months $540
10 Months $600
11 Months $616
12 Months $672

To view full policy details or to log into your account to reprint your ID card, find out how to file a claim or to check the status of a pending claim, please go to BUNAC insurance.

It is the sole responsibility of the insured to obtain a complete and official police report for claims pertaining to burglary or theft of valuables or items of personal property. A police "acknowledgement report" is not deemed adequate by itself for claims processing.

Learn more about BUNACs comprehensive insurance policy.

There is a $50 cancelation fee associated with our insurance plans no matter how many months you have purchased. If coverage has begun we will refund you the months starting after the current month, with a $50 cancelation fee.

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