10 week project

Volunteer in Tanzania is now closed for 2016.

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 10 week project

Arusha, a vibrant starting point and the safari capital of northern Tanzania – the perfect place to call home for the next 5 weeks. As a bustling cosmopolitan city, you’ll have everything at your finger tips but more importantly your first chance to make a real difference. Education is improving in Africa but it’s slow progress with a lot of schools looking run down and dilapidated.  This is where you come in, so pack your overalls and get your creative groove on as you’ll be contributing to improving various teaching facilities in and around schools with effective projects over the next few weeks. 

Creating more engaging classrooms with decorations, building more sustainable furniture and creating fun teaching visuals for the kids are just some of the things you could be doing in your time. Fortunately over the years our volunteers have made a huge difference to the schools in the area, but this has only increased the demand for education which is why your help is needed even more!


It’s time to take a detour, spread your wings and take a break from routine. Famous for hosting millions of flamingos and spanning over 300 kilometres, Lake Manyara is a gem of a game reserve. For this week of rest and relaxation you’ll camp out on the reserve, live and breath life on safari and get to know Simba and co. first hand before heading back to Arusha. 

It’s time to shift your adventure to higher grounds, to Africa’s highest mountain in fact. Mount Kilimanjaro is an adventure hub and you’ll get to spend the next week living in the foothills of this sleeping giant. The leafy green retreat called Moshi is a far cry from the metropolis of Arusha and it’s your chance to get your green fingers busy on our reforestation project. 

This project plays a huge role in conserving the environment with the plantation of trees helping prevent the erosion of this iconic mountain. With this in mind it’s important to reiterate the importance to the community, which is why this project is shared with a local school. By working with kids on this reforestation programme, you’ll help to educate families on sustaining the environment and the importance of reforestation when it comes to conservation.


It’s bustling, hot, humid and brimming with rich Swahili culture. Laced with an exotic mix of African, Arabian and Indian influences – you’ll feel a world away from the bush in Dar Es Salaam. With long sandy beaches dotted with food stalls and coconut stands you’ll find yourself strutting you stuff to street music and catching a sweet tan in the process. 

However, there is a more serious tone to this leg of your journey with another private enterprise in need of your help. Relying on local manpower and funds to get it off the ground this school has become a permanent fixture for all of our volunteers over the years. This is your chance to improve the teaching conditions these kids are learning in and with your help you we can keep creating a more comfortable environment to study. 


You’ve worked hard, helped communities and worked up a sweat doing it so it’s time to kick back and relax. We’ve pulled together the ultimate chill time in the Indian Ocean staying on the beautiful beach resort of Kendwa, Zanzibar. Layered with crystal white sands and turquoise waters, welcome to heaven on earth… it’s our pleasure, enjoy…