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Siem Reap: Weeks 1 – 6

Your six weeks will be spent in Siem Reap, a town rich in history where East fuses with West in spectacular style. Situated at the foot of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat Temple, Siem Reap is spilling over with ‘sights to see before you die’!  The city’s buzzing night life, street food, music and art scene make it the perfect place to volunteer.

 Projects include:

  • Fresh water wells and loos:  Many of the communities in and around Siem Reap have limited access to water, and even then the water will be dirty from the lake. By building a pumping well you will make the lives of an entire community significantly easier. Similarly, building  hygienic loo’s in rural communities will greatly reduce the risk of disease and illness in an area where they may struggle to get to a hospital quickly enough should someone fall ill.
  • Teaching Cambodian orphans and children: Help teach English, art, dance, sport and handy crafts to children in one of the two orphanages in Siem Reap - amazingly 41% of the population are children due to the vast numbers of adult deaths during the genocide and 3/4 are classified as living in poverty.
  • Eco-Agriculture at Samrong Village: Work with farmers near the Angkor temple complex. It’s a picturesque Cambodian rural village, with people living in wooden houses on stilts and farming rice in the paddy fields, which surround the village. Assist the community in establishing basic facilities and trade skills, such as basket weaving and making incense sticks.
  • Life and Hope Association: Work with Buddhist monks who focus on providing education and care for the poorest and most vulnerable in Cambodia. They have a variety of incredible projects to get involved with from teaching to building and assisting with food programs.
  • If you book onto the 6 week project your amazing experience will end here and it will be time to bid farewell to new friends and reflect on an amazing 6 weeks in Cambodia. However, for those on a 10 week program your adventure will continue as you explore more of this amazing country.

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