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Important Information

All employers who offer a position to a BUNAC participant will be contacted by our US Sponsor CIEE.  They call you to ensure that the job offer is genuine and answer any questions you may have,  You will also have to provide details of  the following to CIEE:

  • Corporate EIN
  • Business License
  • Worker Compensation Number & carrier.  You will need to provide policy cover page or deck sheet.

Minimum Wage

Work America and Work USA participants have the same legal rights (including coverage under Workers Compensation) as any American employee. We expect that you will pay them fairly and honor your commitments to them accordingly.

Understandably, our members, like their US counterparts inevitably gravitate towards the better-paying jobs whether they find them in our Job Directory or by their own initiative, therefore if you are paying little more than the minimum wage you may find it difficult to attract or keep staff.

Social Security

J-1 participants must pay Federal and State taxes, but are exempt from social security deductions. They do however need a Social Security card which they will apply for once they arrive in America. They will not have a social security number when they apply for a job, however this should not stop you from hiring them.Once students have validated their SEVIS record (this is a straightforward procedure which should be completed immediately on arrival in the US) they may apply for their Social Security card. When they arrive at your workplace they should have an application receipt which confirms their application has been made and should be sufficient for your payroll purposes. Their card should arrive some time later at which point they will give you their Social Security number.

If a participant has any problems with SEVIS validation or applying for a social Security card, they should contact BUNAC  immediately.


You do not have to apply for Labor Certification or get involved in the visa application process in any way. This is all handled by BUNAC. All participants will have a Work/Travel J-1 visa which allows them to take seasonal employment legally in the US for up to 4 months.

The US State Department now operates the SEVIS tracking system to record and monitor the whereabouts of J-1 participants.All participants must keep their SEVIS record up to date with where they are living and working.It is the responsibility of the students to comply with all SEVIS requirements. BUNAC provides all students with detailed instructions on how to do this.

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