Your placement

Your Placement

After your busy days interning in the classroom, we want to make sure you come home to a place where you feel comfortable and safe. All lunches and accommodations will be provided for you during your internships by your host school and is included in the program fee.

For the duration of your orientation, you and the other interns will stay in a hotel in a major Chinese city with all meals provided.

You might begin your adventure in Beijing, a city which boasts numerous world-famous attractions, allowing you to start exploring the country and local culture right away!

Tiananmen Square: Surrounded by grand architecture and buzzing with life all day long, Tiananmen Square is the largest public square in the world and is a must-see in Beijing.

The National Stadium: Perhaps better known as The Bird's Nest, the stadium is one of Beijing’s newest landmarks and was an icon of the 2008 Olympic Games.

Forbidden City: Travelers to China are usually spellbound by the palace of the Forbidden City, which survived the cultural revolution practically unharmed.

The Great Wall of China: Just an hour away from Beijing lays one of the most famous landmarks in the world!

During your teaching placement, you will be living either on the school grounds or in walking distance from your placement school where you will be teaching. Your accommodations will be basic but comfortable and traditional. 

You will share accommodations with fellow interns so can meet others and socialize outside of work.
You will share a room with up to one other intern and there are communal areas as well. Most schools will be Wi-Fi accessible. If you wish to be placed with a friend, we can make sure you will stay together!

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