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If you want to travel the world and boost your resume all while holding a professional job teaching English job across the globe, then TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is definitely for you! The 120 Hour Online TEFL course is included in the Travel and Teach program and is an incredible way of working in some of the world’s greatest travel destinations.

Globally, most employers ask for 120 hours TEFL training, so our 120 hour online training program is all you need to get your trip started. You can access your TEFL course from anywhere in the world and on any device including cell phone and tablets. To become a certified teacher, you will complete 10 online modules written by TEFL experts while receiving full assistance from your personal online tutor.

The training program includes everything you will need to begin teaching in the classroom. Whether you are a beginner or already equipped with some teaching experience, you will be provided with an essential certification that allows you to teach around the world!

How can I use the TEFL Certification?
The 120 hour Online TEFL Course is recognized worldwide as an accredited teaching certification which means that once you complete the program, you will be qualified for a great variety of teaching positions in some of the world’s greatest destinations.

Key features
Access on any device including mobile and tablets
Teaching pedagogy techniques such as:
    • Teaching grammar
    • Classroom confidence
    • Creating lesson plans
    • Techniques in teaching ranging from early childhood to adult learning
    • Dedicated personal tutor
    • Detailed feedback & assistance
    • Employment advice
    • An accredited TEFL certification for life

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