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Example Internships

Some example internships taken up by previous participants:

Engineering Internships

You can complete your internship in a variety of engineering areas including civil, mechanical, sustainable, industrial, electrical, or computer engineering.
Interns will gain experience in working in an office, project calculations and planning, and shadowing engineers. Additional duties will be assigned to interns on their project.

Education Internships

Internships in education allow you to put into practice the theory you have developed at college and give you valuable work experience for your resume.
Previous internships in education include working for a preschool where interns gained experience teaching the children various subjects, assisted with monitoring their social, affective and cognitive development and meeting parents and conducting lesson plans.

Graphic Design Internships

Intern with a creative and strategic consulting company supporting senior designers in ongoing projects by designing marketing materials, communications, web campaigns, and presentations for customers including brands and marketing plans.

Music Marketing and Event Planning Internships

Interns may assist with organizing and planning the music tour by researching for concert venues and accommodations, working with social networks sites to increase awareness and grow fan base, and prepare and review advertisements. Participants may also contact media sources for reviews and write press releases.

Architectural Design Internships

Intern will taking part in all stages of a housing project including assisting in the creation of a catalog modular houses via graphic design, collaboration and assistance in other studio projects of the company, and visit ongoing construction sites. The company has multidisciplinary work including projects in apartments, housing, offices, urban planning, and landscape design.

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