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About the Tier 5 Visa

BUNAC is a UK government authorized Tier 5 Visa sponsor. Working closely alongside the UK Government since 2009 to create this unique visa, the relationship continues today to ensure that the visa criteria are met. 

The application and visa process can be difficult to navigate alone, so we will guide you through the process with detailed instructions and friendly staff just a phone call or email away.


  • Be 18 or over
  • Be a full-time student studying at least at associate’s degree level or have graduated within 12 months from the start of the internship
  • Hold nationality outside of the EEA
  • Have an offer of an internship from an eligible UK employer
  • Be able to show proof of support funds (£945). This is usually a bank statement generated in the last 30 days
  • Be ready for a great British adventure!

Visa and Program Regulations

BUNAC does not find the placement for you but we can offer suggestions, websites and placement companies to use

The visa is only valid for the internship and employer described dates 

Other costs to consider are priority processing, pre-site visits, insurance, flights, accommodation and travel 

You cannot change internships. We grant you a sponsorship based on the interview we review 

This is a multi entry visa so you can travel before, during and after your internship

You cannot take a dependent (spouse, children) with you on this visa

You will be without your passport for 2-6 weeks 

You cannot request a visa extension of the Tier 5 visa. You will need to return to the US and complete the process a second time 

Yes. You must send your actual passport to the UK Embassy in New York with your complete visa application. You will receive the passport back with the visa affixed to one of the pages. 

You cannot start the visa application process until you have your Certificate of Sponsorship issued to you from BUNAC

You will need to attend a biometrics appointment at a registered biometrics location. You will schedule this in the visa application.

BUNAC reserves the right to reject my application at any time and is not responsible for any delayed applications or visa approvals 

BUNAC can sponsor you up to two times for a maximum of 12 months

You may not apply for the Tier 5 visa from a country other than your own, if you are on a visa for that country that is affixed to your passport and for at least 6 months' duration. You cannot apply from inside the UK