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If you’re considering employing an intern from outside the EEA, we can help them secure the visa necessary to do so. This program allows employers in the UK to take on a student or recent graduate as an intern for up to 6 months, in either a paid or unpaid role. There is no cost to the employer. 

What we do

BUNAC is authorized by the UK Border Agency to issue Certificates of Sponsorship to those eligible for an internship in Britain. Upon securing an internship, interns will enlist our help to secure their Certificate of Sponsorship and visa to allow them to work in the UK. 

We will liaise with you to ensure the internship meets the required standards as laid out by the UK Government. This may be over the phone or by a site visit.


To be eligible for the program, interns must be current degree-level students over 18 or recent graduates intending to begin their internship up to 12 months after graduation. They must hold nationality outside of the EEA.

The Internship

The company should employ at least 5 employees to each intern, and should be registered in the UK. 

The internship offered should be at least 25 hours a week, and should follow a structured training plan to help the intern build relevant skills and work experience.  We will happily advise on the training plan and verify the internship before your intern applies to the Intern in Britain program.

We will conduct a site visit if your company:

  • Has fewer than 20 employees
  • Has less than $3 million turnover
  • Has been trading as a UK company for less than 2 years

During the internship, we may conduct another site visit to check the progress of the intern, and we will ask you to accommodate time for us to spend with both the intern and their supervisor. 

Our in-country team, based in London, will be on hand throughout the internship for support and questions.

Paid Internships

All paid internships must be compliant with National Minimum Wage.

We ask that interns provide proof of funds to show they can support themselves while they are interning in the UK.

Unpaid Internships

In certain circumstances an intern may be classed as a volunteer and therefore would not receive National Minimum Wage. However, being a volunteer does not simply mean that the intern is willing to work for no pay. You and the intern must agree that you have no contract or formal arrangements and the intern is under no obligation to perform any specific work or carry out instructions. The intern should be able to come and go to work as they please and will have no expectation of, and will not receive, any payment or benefits (such as accommodation) for the work they do. 

BUNAC will ask you to verify this before issuing the Certificate of Sponsorship.  You can find more information on volunteers here.


We are unable to issue Certificates of Sponsorship for internships in the hospitality or healthcare industries.

Application procedure

Once you have decided to recruit an intern, we’ll ask you to follow these simple steps:

  1. Electronically complete the Employers Application and Agreement, which will be sent directly to you by the intern.
  2. Once the form is received, the BUNAC London office will give you a call to discuss the internship.
  3. Once the internship has been verified and intern’s application approved, the visa application can then take up to 8 weeks to be approved.

You can see the intern’s application process here

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