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To be eligible to Intern In Britain, there are a few simple requirements you and your internship will need to meet:

Applicant Eligibility:

  • 18 years or older
  • Be a full time degree level student or recent graduate (within the last 12 months at the start of your internship)
  • Hold nationality outside of the EEA
  • Be able to show a minimum proof of funds (£945 / $1,500)
  • Have insurance cover, including a minimum of $500,000 USD medical cover and some cover for repatriation of remains (check out BUNAC's tailor made policy here)
  • If not applying from your home country, you must have a valid visa proving your residence in the country you are applying from
  • Must not have completed the same internship before, and cannot apply for BUNAC sponsorship more than twice in a lifetime.

Internship Requirements:

  • Be six months maximum in duration, can be paid but must meet National Minimum Wage legislation. Can also be unpaid but must comply with UK volunteer rights
  • Be at least 25 hours per week
  • Be a supernumerary position, designed specifically for an intern
  • Include complex activities rather than routine tasks, a good level of rotation and clear objectives, backed up with a detailed training plan
  • Include sufficient supervision from the employer. In most cases, we look for a full time staff to intern ratio of at least 5:1 
  • The company should be registered with Companies House for at least the previous 12 months.