How To Apply

There's still time to Intern in Britain this summer!

Your complete guide to securing your dream internship

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Once you have secured your internship, we’re on hand to guide you through every step of the process to getting your working visa and making yourself at home in the UK for up to 6 months. 

So, all that’s next is to start your BUNAC application! 

  • 1

    Secure your UK internship: 
    Haven't arranged your internship yet? Check out our options for finding your perfect internship. 

  • 2

    Book the Intern in Britain program online:
    We’ll need a range of documents from you, so start gathering these. View full list of required documents 

  • 3

    Internship Screening:
    We’ll ask your employer to submit a training plan. This will help us ensure you’re getting the appropriate support and training during your internship. We’ll review this plan and speak with your employer, and maybe even conduct a site visit. Check out what we recommend you include in your training plan

  • 4

    Receive your Certificate of Sponsorship:
    Once we’ve reviewed and have given your internship the stamp of approval, we’ll send you your Certificate of Sponsorship. Hang on to this, you’ll need it to start your visa application.

  • 5

    Apply for your visa online:
    Next, you’ll fill in the online visa application form before visiting your nearest facility to have your biometrics data collected (we’re talking fingerprints!). After that, your application and passport will be sent to the UK Consulate for processing, which can take up to 8 weeks.

  • 6

    Book your flights!
    Once your visa’s arranged, it’s time to get excited! Booking flights is a breeze with the help of our in-house travel agency, STA Travel. Give them a call on 1-800-781-4040.



You will need to be in your home country, unless you already have a visa to live/study somewhere other than the UK that is for over 6 months and is affixed to your passport. You should allow yourself around 10 weeks to complete the application process.