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Set yourself apart in today’s job market by gaining a taste of work life and work experience to show employers you are driven, cultured and can work effectively in an overseas environment.

Global internships are regarded as the best way to maximize employability and to bridge the gap between academic studies and the working world.

The Intern in Britain program gives you the opportunity to boost your résumé by interning in the UK for up to 6 months. Experience first-hand the Great British culture as much more than just a tourist, while broadening your career experience in one of the world’s most exciting countries.

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Incredible Internships on Intern in Britain


Find out what's included when you apply to live and travel in Britain as an intern for up to 6 months with BUNAC as your program sponsor.

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Secure your visa with sponsorship from BUNAC, receive pre-departure advice and support once you arrive in the UK.

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Finding an internship

All the tips and advice you need to help you find your internship in the UK.

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About the visa

Find out if you're eligible for the BUNAC Intern in Britain program.

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Info for employers

Find out everything you need to know about hiring an international intern.

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How to Apply

Follow 6 simple steps and you could be starting your internship in Britain in 6 weeks!

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Check out all our European tours and get the answers to all your questions!

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Check out some great options for accommodation in London

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European Tours

Buckle up, sit tight and enjoy the ride because you're in for a sensory overload of cities, culture, food and fun...

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